Fantasy Rampage - 11th TEAM a.r.g. game

This is our 11th game for Arduboy. This on was created by Trodoss and I helped. This is our first card game, our first game with 2 players AND our first game using multichannel chiptune music. It’s not a very complex game, but still fun for a quick game.

Here you have a video:

Manual, media, download and technical are all on our website:

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First bug found and we updated the game to version 1.0.1

(To be honest I compiled the game for DEV kit instead of Arduboy, resulting in a blanc screen. Fixed now)

OMG my room mate plays hearthstone all the time I gotta see if he likes this :smiley:


Definitely! It would be interesting to see what people who have played other strategy card games (Hearthstone, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc,) think of it. Hopefully there is the right balance of strategy and luck that makes most of the games in that genre fun. Feedback would be great. What do people like/do not like about the game, what would they like to see in this (or a future) battle card game…that kind of thing.


People … meet @trodoss the master who taught me how to code games for Arduino devices ! :raised_hands:

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Also the inspiration for me to believe there was real path forward for Arduboy with his premier hackvision device:


Well… As far as Arduino-based consoles I have written code for Hackvision, Video Game Shield (, Gamby (

Old Google Code Repo - Exported to GitHub

Around 2009 I was also active in Propeller-based console communities – consoles like the Hydra (, El Jugador (, and Lamestation (

Old Google Code Repo - Exported to GitHub

…And then working with @JO3RI in Team a.r.g. on a number of other games. (

Thanks for the kind words! I am glad to be a member of the open-source community and am always excited to share and learn along the way.

Enough about me :blush:

…So, more importantly, any feedback on Fantasy Rampage?

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In adventure mode, the map is used/appears too often. It’s hard to see and track who is winning.
Perhaps a bigger map, with fewer locations, and a location won for each game, not each card (like a campaign).
Sometimes I forget what the AI has played. It would be nice to split the A and B button functionality, making A play, or B show what AI played if it played first.

Sound effects! :slight_smile: One for a loss, one for a win.

Need to play more for actual game mechanics feedback

@ScrumpyJack thanks for the tips and remarks. Give us time to rethink some of these things, holidays are coming up and we already started with new games :wink:

we’re writing down (@trodoss):

  • map with fewer, but bigger icons (advanced mode)
  • a win for a complete game, not every card played (advanced mode)
  • only show the map after a complete game is played (advanced mode)
  • show points next to the map, like 5 - 7 (advanced mode)
  • card lost sound effect
  • card won sound effect
  • keep A button pressed to see opponent played card, when played first.
  • maybe also show the card score, to help understand why which card wins.
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Is there a place where we can discuss game mechanics? I’m not sure this is the right forum.

yep, or you could add issues in the github page of the game … but this topic is fine :slight_smile:

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@ScrumpyJack, Thanks for the feedback! @JO3RI has started a list of features and we will start looking at them. High on the list will be improvements to sound and graphics! Specifically the win/loss sound and graphics. The map in advanced mode can also be reworked. The A (or B) button showing the opponent’s card played is a good idea as well. It would also probably show the info on the card (abilities, etc.)

You had mentioned game mechanics/feedback. There is a little on this page: and more here: If you have questions about the mechanics that those do not answer, or have other suggestions on the game mechanics let us know.

I emailed JO3RI about some ideas to add to the mechanics, but it would take a lot more work to test/balance. Perhaps he can forward that to you.

This is why it’s probably better to start an issue on the github page.
Github issues are public so anyone involved in the project can have a look and contribute and it doubles as a history of what was discussed.

@ScrumpyJack I forwarded that email to @trodoss.

But I wonder … , would you be interested in helping on creating “Fantasy Rampage 2”, instead of reworking this one ?