Farkle - A Dice Game

Farkle.hex (75.8 KB)

Graphics   @vampirics
Code        @filmote

Source     GitHub - Press-Play-On-Tape/Farkle: The classic popular dice chucking game! Pass & play for up to 4 players!
Hex          GitHub - Press-Play-On-Tape/Farkle: The classic popular dice chucking game! Pass & play for up to 4 players!
Emulator  ProjectABE - Arduboy Emulator

When playing the game, press B to reveal the score table.
When viewing the High Scores, press Up and Down simultaneously for 3 seconds to clear the scores.


Love the scrolling dice in the title it reminds me of the days I used to make Wii channel banners.

Now there’s a game I never thought I’d see on the arduboy. Very well done! Super polished!

I would love to take credit for these but its all @Vampirics work. He can polish the literal turd …

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Lol… Not sure how to take that one :sweat_smile:

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In that analogy my code is the turd. :thinking:

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Hmm. Ok I won’t push that analogy too far :sweat_smile:.
I am glad it turned out great

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well, you do use x in for loops :astonished:


Is it normal for me to laugh that much right now?

@filmote, I told you, people notice these things :P

Don’t you? You should give it a go … its liberating!

uiint8_t care_factor = 0;

for (uint8_t x = 255; x > care_factor; --x) {
  Serial.println("Not listening to you");

I have just posted a new version of the game … lets call it V1.1. It includes a little graphic that is shown when you score with all 6 dice.


uint8_t effort { 255 };
While(effort-- >0) serial.println("No one looks at the source");

Obviously some do!   

My primary program for the Arduboy is Toolbox for making sprites. After I reached the eight sprite limit for saving to the EEPROM, I wished I had Farkle with me on the rest of the bus ride. I flashed it to my Arduboy as soon as I got home.


Just was playing this on the FX and realized that the keypress (hold up/down) to clear scores conflicts with the keypress to return to bootloader. It looks like usually, Farkle does a clear just before the bootloader activates. I might submit a patch to change the keys for clear to left/right to not conflict.

Oh, that’s unfortunate … but I did predate the FX functionality!

Can you clear the scores on all screens or only on High Score screen? If its only the High Score screen then I wouldn’t bother changing them myself.

Also, glad people are still playing some of these older games!

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Ah, it looks like it only affects the high score screen. In that case, it’s just a caveat to skip past that before resetting and not something that breaks storage. Cool!