Favourite N64 Game?

Does anyone have a favourite Nintendo 64 game if you’ve ever owned one or played using your friends console? Mine would probably Ocarina of Time but I remember the water temple taking me like a week to finish and was so hard, it made me rage so much.

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Not really because they are great but i fondly remember Killer Instinct Gold and Super Mario 64 the most.

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While there’s a great number of games I really like for the N64 my all time favorite is easily Conker’s Bad Fur Day (it was the whole reason I bought an N64 in the first place).

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Any one who says anything besides Goldeneye is out of their gourd.

Never actually owned an N64, but my favorites have got to be Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time 3D (on my 3DS.) Also, I recently discovered that you can play Mario 64 online at ███████████████ (redacted to stay safe from the Nintendo Ninjas)

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Oops… Nintendo is watching, sorry.

I’ve never owned an N64, but I’ve played a few N64 games in various incarnations.

My favourite has got to be either Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask,
though I’m never quite sure which I like more.

I think Ocarina of Time is one of the best Zelda games simply due to the number of dungeons it features and the size of the map. Ocarina of Time is the ideal of what a Zelda game ought to be

That said, I really like Majora’s Mask for daring to be something dark, creepy and unique. It’s one of the most ‘artful’ of all the Zelda games, which makes it stand out against many of the more mediocre titles. To sum Majora’s Mask up in a single word, it’s haunting.

Super Mario 64 was good for its time, and it’s fun enough, but it’s been easily surpassed by later Mario titles. Sunshine and Galaxy were both excellent, and from what I hear Odyssey is too.

To be honest, I think I prefer the original Paper Mario (a.k.a. “Mario Story”) to Super Mario 64. That was the start of an excellent trilogy of games. Especially the direct sequel, The Thousand-Year Door.

(Links included for those who are deprived of knowing about these games.)

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Come on man you gotta admit Perfect Dark is a better Goldeneye.

I’ve played (and own) both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (as well as almost every other Rareware N64 game) but I still don’t think anything can quite compare to the awesomeness of the Great Mighty :poop: from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The humor was great, it also had a bit different of a take on a 3D platformer, plus it had some really fun multiplayer modes that were each uniquely different.