Fidget Slots

figet_slots.hex (38.0 KB)

My first attempt at a game for the Arduboy.

I recently got a Arduino Nano and a SSD1306 I2C-Display to display some data for a different project next thing I know I’m building a DIY model.

I have no idea how it performs on the real deal but the game seems to run just fine using harbaum’s port of the library although it runs pretty fast on the emulator. The hex was also built on the emulator.

You’ll find yourself reaching for the mute button in short order in either case unless you like the constant drone of a beeping wheel…

I was torn between the names of Arduslots or Fidget Slots, obviously I went with the latter.

Good luck!

A - Spin/New Game.
B - Toggle auto-spin.
UP/DOWN - Bet increase/decrease (1 credit per line).
LEFT - Toggle sound.
RIGHT - Toggle auto-restart with auto-spin (play forever).


Nice, it’s kind of hypnotizing in auto-spin mode.


Probably shouldn’t be programmed like that but I found out pretty quickly it can get pretty tedious to keep poking the spin button especially since you statistically can’t really win.

Now the game can just keep losing all by itself. :smirk: