Fill the cup

I just checked the github and actually found someone with the same Issue and mentioned it might be their screen refresh speed.

And I can confirm that’s the Issue because my laptops display is 240hz and I just set it to 60hz in the display settings and the game now runs perfect

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Ill post in the project abe’s thread. This issue might be whats causing other peoples emulations to be slightly off if there’s a dependency on screen refresh rates so hopefully it can help. I guess with my screen being so ridiculously high in hz I get the worst case senario.

Since everyone elses games looks so nice I thought I would redo the graphics to the best of my abilities. The birds have 6 frame animations and the cloud has some animation too.
This has also reduced the size of the game and also improved the performance
fillthecup2.ino.pretty.hex (26.0 KB)


This is just perfect. Love the cloud animation!
The grass is now trickier, capturing some particles- I guess that’s part of the challenge! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much I’m glad you like it.

I wanted to work on levels and more animation tomorrow but I just couldn’t stop despite it being midnight so here’s the nightly before I go to bed:

fillthecup.ino.levels.hex (27.6 KB)

I mostly focused on the transitions from the level to the menu above but I also used a map function to scale how easy the particles stay in the cup, so the difficulty does ramp up however I need to add more. Like with each level another bird gets added.

I also want it to go to a time mode after level 10 where you have to fill the cup in under 1 minute.

Beyond level 20 I can’t imagine anyone getting that far so ill just let the code run its course and make whatever levels it do

I also want to add sound effects and use the blue LED to indicate how full the cup is just for some flavor.


Nice. Feedback:

  • So satisfying getting 100% on L1 (first time I managed it!). :smiley:
  • Some particles are getting stuck in the ‘Lvl X’ font. Perhaps it needs boxing in? You could make the font reversed - White (solid) background with black text?
  • On going to L2, the timer’s numbers seemed badly formatted?
  • Have you looked at some of the smaller fonts available? They would distract less from your graphics. e.g. 4x4 font, 3x5 font, or 4x6 font.
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Small bug: the time shows as 0:5 instead of 0:05 in the timer.

Thank you for reminding me how time works it has now been fixed

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Thank you for the in depth feedback it’s always very appreciated

The reason I boxed in the time and percent was because the values could change and trap particles, however the level only changes when you’re not playing so it doesn’t pose the same issue however I never thought of rendering it flipped, I’ll try that and see how it looks.

I have considered the smaller font though with the games size being taken into consideration I’ve been avoiding extra libraries and imports. I’ll still try them out though, as it would be nice to have more screen space especially if it’s easy to implement.

Alright implemented the smaller font and switched to arduboy2Base so the games even smaller now.
I’m glad I tried it out, it’s helping a lot. Just swapped the . and ! with : and % since I wont be needing them.

Im trying out the 4X6 font in case you’re wondering

4x6 is awesome (I am biased!)


Been working on the code for multiple levels unfortunately I’ve been sick for the past few days which has slowed development, but I was implementing custom settings for each level (amount of particles used and the difficulty and percent required to complete and what not) and out of nowhere the game absolutely died and became glitched I was unable to repeat but I did record it when it happened:

It’s not an issue as it only happened once, just thought it was funny so decided to include it with a small update on progress. Also music warning most of the video was just me going “WTF” multiple times so tried to make it less vulgar for the forums with some loud calming music.

I’m at the point I can start making multiple levels for the game but changing bytes within an array isn’t super intuitive for level design, if anyone knows a simple tool you can give sprites to, design a level and then it spits out an array I would be awfully happy. For now I’ll just look for a general purpose one though

Chernobyl only over-heated once as well.

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There’s always a reason. Computers only ever do what they’re told to do.

Out of interest, which sprite drawing functions were you using?
arduboy.drawBitmap or something from Sprites?

There isn’t really a ‘general purpose’ level editor because every game’s level format tends to be different.
It’s not like graphics where the format is standardised.

You’d either have to write one that suits your level format or change your level format to match the output of someone else’s tool.

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Im using drawBitmap. Its a shame about the level editing I guess one day I will work on a level editor for my games since they all use 2D arrays, but now is not that time

Hrm… Until the code is released I can’t really say if it’s a bug with drawBitmap or the code itself, but I’ll bear that in mind in case anyone else runs into a similar issue.

If this weren’t a jam entry I’d offer to help out with making an editor (depending on what OS(es) it needed to support and what it would be written with).

It’s not that I won’t help people with jam entries,
it’s just that it’s close to the deadline and I need the time for other things.

Depending on what values those arrays hold,
you could just edit your games as 2D images and run them through a converter.
That way you could share levels as regular .png files.

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I once saw similar glitchy behaviour when the battery was low…?

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Ill release it when the voting happens, right now I’m just trying to make some levels and thank you for the offer with the level designer I understand about the time constraints, I’m starting to cut it very close now.

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I’m not sure if this was the cause for me unfortunately, since my arduboy was plugged in my laptop the whole day.

I hammed out some levels. You can skip through them by pressing A and DOWN at the same time (same frame style) they vary in quality and difficulty but they work so that’s a good.

On some of the pipe levels there’s a special type of piping that can switch direction depending on if you’re pressing A or not and will be needed to complete them

fillthecup.ino.tis_good.hex (42.2 KB)

Not all the levels are final, I might just keep the good ones and remove the ones that suck for a smaller but more fun game.

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