Finally Did it!

I finally ordered my arduboy !

Can’t wait to receive it !

Apart from “Under the tower” , “Dark&Under” and “Ardynia”, are there any RPG available ?

Apart from gaming, I want to introduce my son to programming and think that coding for a device will be a good way to keep the interest.

Can’t wait to receive it !


Arduventure is an awesome rpg

Right ! I forgot to mention it…

I played it a lot on projectABE

In fact this is what made me choose to order ! :wink:

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YEeeaahhh ! My arduboys just got in…
I saw a lot of video on the screen quality, but seeing it firsthand, I admit it is even better than I expected.
The buttons answer is great,
can’t wait to start coding for it !

I am not even sad about missing the black friday prices… the quality is well worth it !

So I will start by following the tutorials and next might try to make an RPG of my own…

Thanks a lot ! ! !

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Welcome to the party! :partying_face:

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This is a big reason why the Arduboy is my favorite of the “micro consoles”. The dpad and buttons are nice and responsive.

I spent over 400 hours designing those buttons!

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NO KIDDING ! ! ! ! That is crazy !

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