Finding arduboy knowledge

ok so im in info intake mode and looking for everything and anything i can read to catch up in arduboy knowledge. im currently reading through this site one article at a time. i found github, arduboy magazine, some other sites about coding for c ++ . what else am i missing? could you guys suggest anything im not aware of? i just want to cover all my bases and create my big picture before making my process step by step. know whats capable and not. and what i can experiment with . everything and beyond.( dont want to get my hopes up either and disappoint myself trying to demake ff15 or something) . but only if you guys get a minute i dont want to bother you guys too much. i appreciate it everyone! thank you for your time!

Sounds like you have the bases covered.

I would definitely recommend Crait’s tutorial (under Education category) as a great starting point.

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So as you mentioned C++ after reading Crait’s tutorial you may want to take your favourite game for Arduboy and read its source code with its community topic to learn how it works. You can try to improve this game adding features or rewriting its code. Learn through experimentation!


@filmote @PineappleComputer thank you guys

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Have a look at:

In particular the pages covering C++ and Programming in general.

For detailed C++ tutorials try learncpp, and for knowing what’s good practice see The C++ Core Guidelines.

Remember that:

  • Arduino code uses C++11, so newer features from C++14 onwards aren’t available
  • Arduboy code doesn’t have access to the C++ standard library, only the C standard library, specifically avr-libc

The Arduboy2 documentation is here:

The GitHub page with the source code is here:

Again, anything you’re unsure about, if you can’t find a topic that answers your question just start a new topic and ask your question, providing as much context as possible. (E.g. if you’re getting an error, actually include the error message. If you’re trying to work out how to do something, actually show your code so people have a better chance of seeing where it’s going wrong and tell people both what the current behaviour is and what the desired behaviour is - in between that gap lies the answer.)

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@Pharap thank you pharap