Fire Panic! [1.0]


Graphics   @vampirics
Code        @filmote

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Emulator    Project ABE Emulator

A remake of the classic Game and Watch game Fire.

Save the residents of the burning tower by catching them in your safety net and bouncing them into the awaiting ambulance. Dropping a resident on the ground will cost you a life. As you build up points, the game will speed up and you may be forced to juggle two, three or even four victims at a time.

Once the ambulance is full, rush them to hospital for treatment. Crashing the ambulance into other cars will damage it – ultimately the ambulance will break down and cost you a life. As your score increases, the traffic on the way to the hospital will become busier making accidents more common. Pick up the bonus coins to build your score.





This version has a few bugs in it that I am sorting out!


I like alot. Thanks for it.

Yes, i love the game and watch series :heart_eyes:

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Arduboy definitely needs more g&w style games. Perfect on the go, infinitely replayable, fun to play, and is easy enough for a beginner to pick up but difficult enough to satisfy skilled players.


Awesome! I really love the game & watch series. need to play this :smiley:


The Game and Watch games lend themselves to the Arduboy format. The graphics are everything though and I would not have attempted this if left to my own graphical abilities. @vampirics on the other hand can bang out graphics that just look great.

Who doesn’t? I grew up in the 80s and had a couple that I still remember vividly.

Wouldn’t it be great to have ten or fifteen different titles on a flash cart? Combined with your second screen, we could tackle Donkey Kong, Oil Panic or even Green House.


Yes it would. Game & Watch Gallary :smiley:

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That would be cool …

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Maybe its a good idea to not use trademarked properties. This is really cool though.

Technically speaking they’re not using any Game & Watch trademarks,
they’ve just made a game that’s similar in gameplay and art style,
so presumably it’s copyright law rather than trademark law.

Nintendo’s lawyers could swoop down, but I don’t think it’s likely to happen any time soon.

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Huh? Where is this being used??

Sue me for damages? If they can prove that someone bought (and there is the key word) my game instead of theirs, I will gladly give it to them :slight_smile:

I meant to say ‘Mr. Game & Watch’, no idea why I wrote ‘Pacman’.
I blame multitasking again.

I’m not sure whether or not something needs to actually be sold to constitute copyright infringement or loss of earnings.
Law is hard, let’s go shopping.

true… but in Australia its pretty hard to sue unless you can quantify the loss.

I think it would be the laws of the ‘attacking’ party that would be used rather than the laws of the ‘defending’ party, but I don’t really know.

I wish law was as accessible as other fields like science and programming.

If its becoming a real issue I can swap all assets to something that doesn’t look like someone else game, but really, talking about that for a game console like the arduboy is really a bit too much I think.

It’s not using their assets but more like an interpretation of how it could look without colours. But yeah like I said,.if it becomes a problem, I can change the Mr game and watch sprites for monkeys if needed, unless some people will be worried that it looks like Donkey Kong?


I do not see it as an issue. This site is riddled with copyright violations if people want to get pedantic.

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And it’s an amazing good job done. Your port of this game is really good (with some adds as day / night / travel between levels… ) I like eally this port of the original game

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Thanks for the compliment … and you are right, we have added to the game and put our own spin on it.

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I don’t see why we couldn’t make new g&w style games based on new concepts and assets. Like ask yourself how would a g&w game released now look and play that still had similar restrictions on fixed segmented sprites and simple gameplay.

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Did you fix your problem?

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