Fire Panic! [1.0]

I did read the edit. I see in the code for NO USB and it was made by Press Play On Tape. So holding down on the title screen should drop you down to the bootloader. Same method for Mini Rogue and Sirena. I do look for 2 things in the code, arduboy.flashlight or arduboy.begin. I want to avoid having to use the reset button. I don’t want to break that off and send it to Kevin to fix.

The game itself is really good. I do like the added driving part to this game. The ability to ram other vehicles on the road is good, they often get in your way. I scored 452. I see that you’re 98% full. I was going to suggest adding a scene with the ambulance driving into the hospital. The game looks amazing on the Arduboy! Very nice job to both filmote and vampirics.

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Yes, so no need to press the reset button. Hold down on the title screen to get into bootloader mode, to be even more sure, hold it until the other sketch is flashed. Works without issue here.

Nice score!

If you look closely in the background, you will see we pass in front of the hospital when the driving scene is completed.

I have updated the version to 1.0 which I know will come back and haunt me.

Special thanks to @pharap - he performed some memory saving magic on the EEPROM utilities that I had written to read and save high scores. Overall his changes saved approximately 500 bytes of memory which I immediately consumed with a modified title sequence that provides a shout out (an actual shout out !) to the developers. Vanity is a curse.



Yes, thanks, but i don’t know how. I did try bootloader mode, reset button and rebooting my PC.
After many many tries it was recognized again.
I never had this problem before.
Normally it’s a question with timing the upload, but this was very weird.

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