Firebox - Game Jam 5 Entry

Firebox is my entry to the Arduboy Game Jam 5. It’s like a sandbox, only with fire! Experiment with setting various things on fire :fire:


  • Hold A to increase fire
  • Up + down arrows choose different objects to drop
  • Left + right arrows move the object to drop
  • B drops the object

Source code and HEX release can be found on Github here:



Hey, this is a fun little toy.

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Wow. This is really nice! :fire:

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The joys of being a pyroman… arduboy gamer (just a joke CIA). It’s cool how you made different items with their own reactions. The paper went away quickly, the Zelda bomb behaved like a bomb I guess lol. The fire is satisfying on a whole

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This is a fun little toy. But why burn Arduboys!? We need other gadgets to burn up!!

Did anyone else try to put out the fire?

The fire animation looks so good I just like watching it do its thing

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This is so awesome!

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Is the screen wrapping for the fire deliberate?

The screen wrapping is just down to how the fire algorithm works so is deliberate

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It’s a shame, as it limits building some more complex structures and burning them in a controlled way.

We need ragdolls :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: and ragdoll-kids lol!