First Homemade Arduboy - buzzer not working

Hi Everyone,

I decided I wanted to make my own Arduboy. I am relatively experienced with arduinos but this is my first time making an Arduboy. I did hardware test and it worked a while and I was at least able to play Breakout from the example sketches. However, once I started trying to load other games my screen stopped working. (SH1106) Then I got it working again with a portable install of Arduino IDE with a fresh copy of Mr.Blinky’s Library. But now the sound does not work with the Hardware test. Not sure what is going on here. I wired this up with the Pro Micro Alternate wiring. Been testing nonstop with my multimeter and for some reason there is no voltage going across 5 and 6.

However, when I load up the example Playtunes and ArduboyTonesTest the sound works.

Here is picture of the breadboard.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me



Sounds more like an issue with the Hardware test sketch. If the sound is working on arduboyTones and playTunes, you don’t need to change any wiring. I’ve made a few DIY arduboys using pro micro alternate wiring, yours looks good!

Could you drop the Hardware test code you’re using here? I can’t be sure what’s causing the issue without seeing it, but it’s certainly somewhere in there.

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This is basically the hardware test sketch from Mr.Blinky and these are the Board and Bootloader settings I used:

I wonder if your buzzer is an active one instead of a passive one.

  1. With speaker icon 1 on a short tone is played on pin 5 and pin 6 is high (connected to VCC)

  2. With speaker icon 2 on a short tone is played on pin 6 and pin 5 is low (connected to GND)

  3. with both speaker icons on a tone is played on both pins but with alternating voltages.

If your buzzer is an active one I can understand why there is no sound on 1 and 2 (try turning around the buzzer with + connected to pin 6) but at 3 I’d expect there should be some sound.

For more trouble shooting try connecting buzzer + to pin 5 (alternatively 6) and the other buzzer pin to GND to test sound is coming from those pins.

Also make sure you do not have manually installed the Arduboy2 library (check portable\sketchbook\libraries folder) This will overrule the Homemade package library.


So I tried pin 5 to speaker + and speaker - to GND. I get a very faint sound. Now why would it all of sudden be so quiet? This sketch produced a good loud sound before. Now it doesn’t…And you are right, this is an active speaker. I need to find a passive one. I also tried the same wiring with a loud speaker. Sound is still very faint.

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Because the test sketch generates a short tone pulse for 15 milliseconds and the sound examples play for much longer.

I just figured out my problem. I needed to burn the bootloader as I tried to load one of the hex file games but I have no flash cart. (is there a way to load hex games without it?) Sound works like a charm with .ino games now.

Thanks for your help everyone.

What bootloader did you need to burn? Cathy3K for the sound issue?

The cathy3K bootloader supports (Homemade) Arduboys with and without a flash chip (it’s optional not mandatory) Without a flashchip it is recommended to use the ‘start with game’ version. So the game starts right away after powering on.

You can upload hex files with the or Python scripts
If you don’t have Python installed you can also download the standalone archive, unpack it and run the run-uploader-gui-windows.bat

If you want to play individual games of a flash image you can use the Python script to rip them from a flash image.

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I just had the regular leonardo bootloader on it before. It worked for a while. Sound stopped working. Then I reflashed it with the Cathy3K and now it works.

thanks for clearing this up.

Some .hex games don’t work with my display. (SH1106) I know I need to edit the hex file for some of them for it to work.

Been trying to load 1944.

Am I correct in that I need to go back to the source repo and recompile it from the .ino?

I am not sure why 1944 would present any more or less problems than other games. I extend the standard Arduboy2 library but do not do anything fancy in my code.

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Yes you are correct. Using SH1106 and/or alternate wiring required recompiling of a .ino sketch.

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