Fix iffy button

The arduboy I ordered just came, but theres a small problem, the right d-pad button is a bit iffy compared to the rest, I have to press it particularly hard for the press to register, and when holding the button it is a bit jitterry, sometimes just stopping

Anyone know how I can fix this?

I have that same thing on my Arduboy, if you’re holding a button and you lower your finger’s force just a little bit, it stops recording as pressed. I’m pretty sure that’s a normal thing since it happens on all of my standard breadboard push buttons and my laptop’s keyboard.

Maybe yours is a little too much like that though?

If you really think that it’s faulty hardware you could try contacting Arduboy support.

All buttons should work consistently.

One out of every 300-500 units seem to have a problem with their buttons. New units certainly shouldn’t do that! If you want to go for a warranty you can use the aforementioned Contact — Arduboy for repair or replacement.