Fixing Badges

Renewing the focus on badges… The use of badges kinda fell off the radar some time ago and I’d like to start using them more often.

First step, do you have any badges that are missing icons? Let me know and I’ll go ahead and add those back in (for some reason we lost a lot of badge icons)

I’m going to start by going back to the game jams and awarding badges for the winners, probably should have been doing that all along but it wasn’t part of my modus-operandi.

More importantly, do you know anyone who deserves to be awarded a badge retroactively?

Nominate them below! If you think a new type of badge should be created also feel free to suggest!

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List of badges missing icons

I think the ‘GitHub’ badge should either be given to a lot more people or just removed considering only two people have it.

Edit: There’s also a ‘GitHub Contributor’ badge. Perhaps the two should be ‘merged’?

A think it would be good to have some special badges to acknowledge the notable achievements of our regular users.


In case you need some badge icons and don’t want to make them yourself or get permission,
here’s a few CC0 art sites: 1, 2.

There’s also, but only some things are CC0.


Are you able to award badges as a moderator? If you can it would help me out, it takes a ton of time to go through each user.

I was given a Master of Life badge, which shows up blank (not broken). It has also been awarded to @Kmasato. Personally, it wouldn’t bother me to have it deleted, if fixing it is too much trouble (though I can’t speak for @Kmasato).

I think in the earliest days when ekem was running the community it appears that he intended to give a badge to each person for each game they made, but even he gave that up at some point.

I’m not sure how to approach those I don’t really like the idea of removing badges though. Just consider them legacy but adding an image isn’t hard.

Ok check out the new badges of Game Jam winners!

Also, wow check out these devoted users!!

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According to this post
A badge can only be granted by an administrative user.

I’ve looked around a bit and haven’t seen a way, as a moderator, to create or award badges.

I’m sure @Pharap was being modest in not noting himself but if this type of badge is to be given, he certainly deserves a Programming help extraordinaire or the like badge.


Or One-man-stackexchange


Congratulations to both @pharap and @mlxxxp on their hard earned GOLDEN DEVELOPER badge:



I don’t think we can create badges, but I know we can grant them.
I found the area to do so when digging around the admin panel a while back.
Just go into a user’s profile and activate the admin panel then look for ‘Edit Badges’.

I just granted you (@MLXXXp) the ‘Bug Hunter’ badge as a test.

Is there a list of who is owed what?

I won’t be able to do anything now because I’ll be off to sleep soon, but I could do a bit in the morning if I have a minute.

(Just a thought: it might be possible to do it in bulk by editing the server database or something.)

I’ve always thought that to nominate oneself for anything is a bit of a faux pas. :P

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Yeah I don’t know who should get it either really?

There is a bulk add in the create the badge panel, so if there is a list I can easily add it, I just don’t know who should ad.

Yes, I was able to do the same for you.

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If you have the admin panel do you not have Badges?


No, we don’t. It goes ‘Dashboard’, ‘Users’, ‘Logs’, ‘Plugins’.
(The last of which only allows viewing, not editing.)

Though perhaps we shouldn’t be telling everyone about all our superpowers? :P

It’s fine so long as they don’t start targeting you for phishing attacks.

If you can let me know a list of people who need a certain badge let me know and I can mass add them.

There is also the Unofficial Game Jam (it should really be added to the list of Jams as well).

Wouldn’t that technically make it ‘official’?

(And aren’t you just saying that because you won it and want another badge? :P)

No, it would make it a Jam that people on this site ran and contributed to.


Anyway, back to talking about badges…

Thinking about it, does that mean my involvement in something doesn’t make it official either? :P

Jokes aside, I do think the ‘unofficial jam’ was an excellent example of this site at its best given how many people contributed. (Perhaps we’ll be able to organise another sometime this year?)

If @bateske approves I could probably handle the badges, though I’d have to do it individually, I don’t have access the ‘bulk award’ tool.

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