Fixing my Old Piece of Junk

NOW MY iPAD DIED! (froze, then crashed)

And I seem to be unable to locate my wireless mouse It’s right next to me…

I had this ANCIENT (2000) DELL desktop I am probably going to show you tomorrow… I don’t have administrative control, though… (the things are odd about it, I will say tomorrow)

I guess that even though it’s off-topic, I still just shouldn’t type random things. But hey, if cat videos are here, why this can’t be here? (I mean, this is more or less closer related to arduboy than a cat do, after all.)

Yeah… but…but… cats are cute???


But But … that hard drive is just from 2000. I guess my stuff is really old then :stuck_out_tongue:


I only recently threw out the last of my SCSI drives and also found a new box of 3.5” floppies whilst having a clear out :blush:. I think the oldest thing in my inventory now is a Pentium 3 laptop that I occasionally use with a flash2advance parallel multiboot cable.

I guess I must be crazy to hold on to my Sanyo MBC-3000 that runs on 8"disks :smiley: or would it be cause it weights a ton and can’t be just thrown out!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’ve got a drive that’s a bit older. A 256 MB (yes, megabytes, not gigabytes), 14 inch, 4 platter, 7 head hard drive from an IBM System/38. It was made in 1984.

The platter spindle is belt driven by the grey coloured vertical motor, which is powered by 230V AC. The big gold coloured cylinder is the stepper motor for the heads

3.5" and 2.5" HDDs are included in the photo for size comparison.


I started my development life on the System/36 and System/38. Good times!


I have a System/36 Model 5364 in my collection, plus the IBM PC Model 5150 and IBM monochrome monitor used as its console.

Very cool … I had a 5363 at home for a while - it used to hold up one side of my desk. When these beasts were sold, IBM were calling them ‘entry AS/400’. The 400 was (and still is) a masterpiece. I still work for an IBM Business Partner and we still sell AS/400 (iSeries) but nowadays they are only replacements and very few new footprints.

This windows don’t have the hidden “Administrator”, “guest” account do not have write to System32, don’t have minesweeper or solitaire or 3D pinball or kloudlike or freecell, have sound device (audio out) on the motherboard but system says there is no, there is wired network port on motherboard and a telephone thingy as expansion. (“A”…something something protocol) that the system also says no. Furthermore, only 2 out of 4 USB port is useable (and is USB 1.1 standard), the others can’t be detected (possibly USB 2.0).
Ran on a SEGATE 64GB HDD (IDE port), some plenty amount of RAM (seems like there is 4 GB of it, two occupied socket), a Intel Pentium IV, LiteOn CD ROM, a floppy drive, and a half-height video card.
Lots of things are Made In China. (SUprisingly the Segate drive had traditional Chinese characters on it saying Made in China).
Power unit (should be original) seem to be a not-very-good un-branded(some garbage brand) power unit with 6 power outlet port BESIDE the motherboard (so I can power another 3 drive, after the ones used on the HDD, the Floppy, and the CD ROM.
The 3.5 inch IDE don’t match with the 2.5 inch IDE…sadness :frowning:
I plan on running World of Tanks on it, after a full restoration (of “sound device”, “internet device” and “USB 2.0”) and a better display card. Probably gonna flash a better BIOS on it.
Oh the CMOS battery? GIve me a reason that thing is still working.

Did I mention I have a DRONE? No.

It have a CC3D (without case) on top of a homemade suspension platform.

Back to work, now.

…you call that old?!

I also still have one of these somewhere that I kept using far past its expiry date! :smile:

“The APC IV offers both 6MHz and 8MHz processing speeds … because sooner or later, you’re going to have to take it to the limit.” :rofl:


And our little Arduboy runs twice as fast. (and somehow we were complaining it being slow and useless)
But speaking of RAM, those old machines may still win.
You can’t play World of Tanks on those…
Yeah? I have a PALM V that I had.
Heck. I have this old electronic clock since before computer…Yes it does.

It’s as useless as talking to some guy who were already working before my father’s born…

So what is everyone doing with the Mega32U4(plus some capacitor, resistor, buttons, screen and LED)?

Me too :wink:


It is wristwatch-sized, called the ‘WatchBoy’ and was made back in 1992! Looks like there is a re-make available now though…

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I’d definitely buy one if the ever have Arduboy watch
But I guess you can just make a tiny Arduboy clone, then seal everything using hot glue.

@bateske was definitely working on wearables at one stage…


Wow I had a gameboy watch back in the day but I’ve always and still do wear a Casio F-91W the things are near on indestructible and apparently popular for bomb making according to the wiki.

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I am probably doing too much things at the same time… Like i always do…

going back in a corner looking insane


Did you see what brand that computer Martin is using? A Coleco …


I like the plus shaped arrows.
I’d prefer them to the modern tetramino approach.

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