Fixing my Old Piece of Junk

And our little Arduboy runs twice as fast. (and somehow we were complaining it being slow and useless)
But speaking of RAM, those old machines may still win.
You can’t play World of Tanks on those…
Yeah? I have a PALM V that I had.
Heck. I have this old electronic clock since before computer…Yes it does.

It’s as useless as talking to some guy who were already working before my father’s born…

So what is everyone doing with the Mega32U4(plus some capacitor, resistor, buttons, screen and LED)?

Me too :wink:


It is wristwatch-sized, called the ‘WatchBoy’ and was made back in 1992! Looks like there is a re-make available now though…

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I’d definitely buy one if the ever have Arduboy watch
But I guess you can just make a tiny Arduboy clone, then seal everything using hot glue.

@bateske was definitely working on wearables at one stage…


Wow I had a gameboy watch back in the day but I’ve always and still do wear a Casio F-91W the things are near on indestructible and apparently popular for bomb making according to the wiki.

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I am probably doing too much things at the same time… Like i always do…

going back in a corner looking insane


Did you see what brand that computer Martin is using? A Coleco …


I like the plus shaped arrows.
I’d prefer them to the modern tetramino approach.

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I must don’t know I was doing, as I was trying to find a download of BIOS for my 17 year old desktop…
The closest I can find is this:
and most links give you all sorts of 404s.

Least I can use it to unpack the ProjectABE…

It’s really tough work when you don’t even have a working USB 2.0 interrface…only USB 1.1
which is extremely slow. took 20 second just to show the content of the zip…
And I can only login as Guest(which suprisingly have no write permit to any local disks). other acounts are totally screwed.
I guess it would be better than…80 slide of floppy disk, after all.

assorted box of 3.5 inch floppy and some RW DVDs. (probably expired, consider them being some 10 years old.)

Perfect for distributing my software (games), and including them in mail packages.

First time for me to be able to include something useful in the 2,000,000 B room provided.
But these are the 1.44MB ones… I think I have one 2MB or so…

And also to dig out dad’s old Western Digital My Book.

Another box of assorted 1.44MB floppy.

A AdobePhotoDeluxe 4.0 install drive??!!
So I HAD a Adobe Photoshop thing. Never figured that out.

And Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE … in the same disk… well that is for MAC.

I somehow have a Chinese Windows 2000 install disk. With Microsoft’s logo on it.

Hmmm…seems like that my old desktop may life another day.

A IBM installation disk for USB 2.0 and 1.1 drivers…

And…a WebPhone?
Does any of you know that?

Never mind.
I really like these two IDE closures. Mmm…
Oh that? for 2.5 inch IDE drives.

Only to hope the system recognizes it…

I have some 8" floppies around here somewhere. If I can find them I will put up a picture … they will be IBM System/36 operating system disks.

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If we are going for the oldest drive, i think i may still have some Vic-20 cassette tapes somewhere with a couple games i programmed for it back when i was 12 years old… that shows my age a little too much though.

They’re not the oldest, but I have some 90mm floppies.

I’ve got Borland’s “Paradox For Windows” over 5 disks,
and Borland “Quattro Pro for Windows”, also over 5 floppies.

It amuses me that the box they’re in has a “Diskette Hotline”.
I wonder who owns the number now, and if they’d still be able to offer advice about floppies.

The MOS6502 is still one of my favourite CPUs to emulate.


Got some ZX Spectrum Tapes Lying Around Probably the oldest thing in my collection of obscure old stuff


I would have love to have a zx spectrum myself. But I don’t think it ever was available in Canada…

There was the Timex line of machines that were released in the US which was an official clone of the ZX spectrum That would work in Canada aswell

I am sure there were not looking as great as the original :wink: colour stripes and rubber keys…

I need to organise my stuff X3


Oh looking at that reminded me that at one point I wanted to work on a port of Skool Daze for the Arduboy…

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