Fixing my Old Piece of Junk

I like the plus shaped arrows.
I’d prefer them to the modern tetramino approach.

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I must don’t know I was doing, as I was trying to find a download of BIOS for my 17 year old desktop…
The closest I can find is this:
and most links give you all sorts of 404s.

Least I can use it to unpack the ProjectABE…

It’s really tough work when you don’t even have a working USB 2.0 interrface…only USB 1.1
which is extremely slow. took 20 second just to show the content of the zip…
And I can only login as Guest(which suprisingly have no write permit to any local disks). other acounts are totally screwed.
I guess it would be better than…80 slide of floppy disk, after all.

assorted box of 3.5 inch floppy and some RW DVDs. (probably expired, consider them being some 10 years old.)

Perfect for distributing my software (games), and including them in mail packages.

First time for me to be able to include something useful in the 2,000,000 B room provided.
But these are the 1.44MB ones… I think I have one 2MB or so…

And also to dig out dad’s old Western Digital My Book.

Another box of assorted 1.44MB floppy.

A AdobePhotoDeluxe 4.0 install drive??!!
So I HAD a Adobe Photoshop thing. Never figured that out.

And Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE … in the same disk… well that is for MAC.

I somehow have a Chinese Windows 2000 install disk. With Microsoft’s logo on it.

Hmmm…seems like that my old desktop may life another day.

A IBM installation disk for USB 2.0 and 1.1 drivers…

And…a WebPhone?
Does any of you know that?

Never mind.
I really like these two IDE closures. Mmm…
Oh that? for 2.5 inch IDE drives.

Only to hope the system recognizes it…

I have some 8" floppies around here somewhere. If I can find them I will put up a picture … they will be IBM System/36 operating system disks.

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If we are going for the oldest drive, i think i may still have some Vic-20 cassette tapes somewhere with a couple games i programmed for it back when i was 12 years old… that shows my age a little too much though.

They’re not the oldest, but I have some 90mm floppies.

I’ve got Borland’s “Paradox For Windows” over 5 disks,
and Borland “Quattro Pro for Windows”, also over 5 floppies.

It amuses me that the box they’re in has a “Diskette Hotline”.
I wonder who owns the number now, and if they’d still be able to offer advice about floppies.

The MOS6502 is still one of my favourite CPUs to emulate.


Got some ZX Spectrum Tapes Lying Around Probably the oldest thing in my collection of obscure old stuff


I would have love to have a zx spectrum myself. But I don’t think it ever was available in Canada…

There was the Timex line of machines that were released in the US which was an official clone of the ZX spectrum That would work in Canada aswell

I am sure there were not looking as great as the original :wink: colour stripes and rubber keys…

I need to organise my stuff X3


Oh looking at that reminded me that at one point I wanted to work on a port of Skool Daze for the Arduboy…

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Never seen anything like this before…


._. the DVD ROM is constantly making odd sounds, which is nervous because it can screw up any moment…
Hmm…why is it trying to read my floppy? o_o
-_- Nvm. Now that my HDD light is constantly lit. (formatting disk space)
Speaking of the disk, it is a Seagate. IDE port. 3.5 inch 38163MB.

Please wait, formatting 38163MB Dick 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi…

._.Contarary to popular belief that installation does a Quick Format on the disk, this one is wiping everything over. Might or might not be a bad thing.

._.I feel odd.
I am always wanting to get my hand on a working, old computer (32 bit, Windows xp or older) and was basically fascinated with them. And those HDDs too.
But when I do have them, I suddenly lost that fascination, and while they were impressive, I can’t find any use of them, even though I was thinking of all the possible ways to use them during my restoration process. And later on, it might as well end up like most of your old stuff and got tucked aside. Most are unlucky enough to end up in a museum. That is the bad part.

Phew…it is hot in here. Having no air con in this room was really bad. On a 90 degree night with that obsolete machine still…formatting the HDD.
-_-It is an hour now, dude!

Playing some truck-racing game on my phone…

I wonder what stuff does Windows 2000 come with? Minesweeper?
Minesweeper was removed in Windows 10 because some think it was disrespectful toward the minesweepers(people that use metal detector and dig out mines) working during the WWII clearing minefields.
-_-It probably don’t even support wired internet at this stage…
… … …
.v.93% formatted!

Mmm…now that my little fan make sense. Give myself some cross-ventilation while that old lad doing stuff on his own.

Installer is copying files…
Things at this time period (in history) was of small size, so that went VERY fast. (done already)
Restarted the computer. Smells good.
Human Interface Parser…good word.
._. screen went blank.
BIOS screen…
No I just copied the data onto the HDD. Exit the installer.
So that don’t even kick me into the system, huh.
Eject the CD.
._.Requiring me to put that disk back in. OK.
Disk spinning like crazy. Afraid the motor will burn out.
OK. Now system need to installl all sorts of drivers.
I still had my USB mass storage device…guess that won’t matter.
>_<What matters is I NEED THE USB 2.0 port!!!
.n.Only got 2 USB 1.1 ones. At painful speed.
.v.This should fix that.

Hi @Vampirics I am planning to run Project ABE on that thing exclusively.
The HDDs was just too old for use for 5 years…
I can also load up Raspberry system, but I don’t need that. Windows 2000 is better.

Name is Administrator. Working at DELL.

Oh F! I need that activation code???!!!
looking it up online…
Windows 2000 full retail version:VXKC4-2B3YF-W9MFK-QB3DB-9Y7MB
Installing network stuff…OK.
good luck with that, old guy. I am gonna do other stuff…

INTERNET connection guide!!! Come on, I am still preparing to …
finding a 6m long internet cable…

-_-That is just for logging on.
OK, say hello… :slight_smile:

And then is time to install 6 known device’s drivers…
Well, least this was better than the old Windows xp without administrator control and other crappy stuff.
The entire thing was also only with 16 bit color, if you didn’t notice.
That’s it for today, I think.

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Can’t you just turn it into a PICO-8 Computer? That for me would be the idea…

[citation needed]

The buses where I live still use Windows XP for their ‘next stop’ tracker and display system.
I saw one BSOD and reboot once.

Can always do both.

You could use Virtual Box to run an old OS.
A lot of people use Virtual Box to run old DOS programs and games.

Side note, aparently Windows XP and IE6 are exceptionally popular in China:

I remember steam publishing some stats about this as well, but I can’t find them.

Yes. LOTS and lots of Windows xp.
I bet it is still wider used than Windows 10 or Windows 7.
All the Shanghai metro gate was Windows xp, Casher machines in (basically everywhere, according to unknown source) was also Windows xp. Maybe buses but I don’t know.
Attempting to remember last time I see a proper Windows xp…
Oh yeah. Universities.
Shanghai University (where I went and took TOEFL) use Windows xp. (It can’t be Windows 7 or windows 8 or windows 10, and never can it be Windows 2000).
So all of their computers in their computer lab is Windows xp. Also apply to my middle school and Shanghai Maritime University.

And I never need that again, because…
That is such a rare occurrence, where two systems worked together.
Well, Windows 7 is THE last system supporting 32x processors. Windows 8 and 10 can’t, so that might be why they strap xp with it.
Don’t have Windows 2000 emulator for Windows xp…well that difference was actually minor.(not really important in this case)

Hmm…virtual box.
I had DOSBox up for Turbo Pascal once, but I can’t differ which was the UI and which was Turbo Pascal. Horrible UI but I think that is what a emulator is like.

Anyway, I am totally going to get a Windows 7 system up. (and I already did, but I might need to swap out the old SSD for a new one, that one is getting incredibly old)

That Windows xp mode is so good (essentially another system), it even come with things (like the pre-loaded cursors) and separate C:. Access the laptop’s drive (real one, not emulated) via a “web-attatched drive”. You can also log off (but not restart or shutdown, obviously). And when you quit the program, it says “hibernating tie virtual machine”. I might as well run my laptop on it for a entire day if it wasn’t for some programming tasks. (separate C:)
My friend’s mind was completely blown up.
Only downside: logging on and off can be annoying: password & username different from computer’s. internet seems to be a issue.

.v.Used to play 3D Pinball on it…

Anyway, I got to do more stuff… (and play truck-racing game on my phone)

And, yes, I did get Windows 2000 running.
I get:
2 USB 2.0 ports (least it can drive my mouse)
Administrative control
Brand new system
New look
I lost:
Video card (no driver)
More powerful system
I might can get:
sound system
network system
PCIe thingy
COM port
Video card

It’s a trade off, but I gained, more or less, from the reinstall.
Mainly the 2 USB port. (I don’t have PS/2 keyboard or mouse, so those two already ate up the only two available USB ports, and I had to get a USB hub on a snail-speed USB 1.1)
Now I at least have 2 USB port to connect to stuff. (Maybe Arduboy, and another external “Mass Storage Device”)
Interesting fact that I need drivers for the three 3.5mm jack on the motherboard…, and a driver for the COM PORT and PCIe thingy.

You think the Windows Update on that Computer can get me stuff? (I can get it online because I had a 10m long internet cable, but I don’t think its Windows Update can bring any good)
Anyway, get that super long cable first.
Ah, finally have freedom over USB… <3

Back in the day when usb mice and keyboards were a new thing you could pick up cheap usb to ps2 adapters.

I always found the North Korea OS fascinating. It’s GNU/Linux, because they know Windows has backdoors :slight_smile: As if many people there had actual access to computers, anyway.

EDIT: Oh, and their intranet - this website tries to collect info about it, but it’s a mysterious network. Real interesting reading.

I know those.
But most of them are passive wiring adapters that don’t do anything.
I had a wiring adapter for the mouse, but it is too large and kept falling off…
PS/2 plugs are ill-designed. Wear out quickly and resist little from…even gravity.

I ONCE was a regular. I took a 3-month break and lost it. Now I get it again.

But now I got 4 Universal Serial Bus slots, ain’t a issue.

LITERALLY the first time I don’t need to use a USB hub to connect anything other than the keyboard and mouse, from any USB 2.0.
Nice upgrade from USB 1.1, but still quite far…

Didn’t get the time to connect the old computer to Local Area Network via a 8-pin ethernet cable yet…

How long do you think this cable is?

This is ONE cable, by the way. No joints or whatsover in the middle.
1 feet = 12 inch = 2.54 * 12 cm
1m = 10 dm = 100 cm
Guess big. I think it is at least 18 feet. / 5.5m.