Flappo - A clean, modern Flappy Bird clone for the Arduboy

FlappoFX.ino-arduboy.hex (49.6 KB)

Version 1.1 now available! I wasn’t able to get the RAM down or do anything, but at least I fixed the EEPROM not saving :+1: I guess you could say I just made the game too good the first time :wink: Also I removed the “FX” so it’s not confusing.

Flappo is a modern Flappy Bird clone for the Arduboy (with particles!). The aim of the game is to fly Flappo through the pipes, and to not crash! The pipes’ gaps increasingly shrink and increasingly become more difficult to fly through.






Press any button to flap/jump/go up/initiate negative gravity.


  • Fear not, I think the EEPROM system in this game is actually safe, compared to the EEPROM bombs from all my other games.

  • Version 1.0 can be found in the releases section.

  • Version 1.1 coming soon!

    V1.1 Changelog:

    • Fixed EEPROM “bug” (:flushed: :wink:) where high score did not save after shutdown.
    • Removed “FX” from branding to avoid confusion.

The GitHub repository which contains the source code as well as the compiled hex file can be found below:

Version 1.1 (and 1.0) can be found in the releases section:

Lol I looked at the repository and it’s more C than C++. What am I doing wrong :melting_face:


Yess particle effects! Would it make sense for the particles to be circles though :slight_smile:


LOL … if only the other 300+ games played nicely.

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The RAM is at 93% because I just had to have 40 of them. I’ll see if I can afford to have 50!

I never thought about that (I always forget you can draw other shapes besides rectangles). Personally I like the look of the squares, they kind of represent the pixels/chunks of the circle; like crumbs.

For real, what a world we might live in.

Good work. I especially like the background.

Now I know why you wanted the particles.

Just to point it out for those who aren’t aware: this game doesn’t actually use the FX chip and will work on a non-FX Arduboy.

That’s not your fault, that’s GitHub’s flawed identification system.
It probably counts your .h and .ino files as C code.

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Thanks! It has parallax scrolling (but you probably already knew that)

The FX part was for the particles. I originally wanted to completely deck out the game with particles everywhere, but right now they’re just the death animation (but I still really like the original game). I might add FX support in the future though.

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I know of some ways that you could reduce your RAM usage so you could increase the number of particles.

For one, you could switch to using my fixed points library and then use SQ7x8 instead of float. They’re half the size and should give more or less the same effect.


Is Bro a particularly Canadian thing? I am Australian and I always think of our New Zealand neighbours when I hear that word.

Great work here!

One thing I would do for Version 1.1 … is not to remove the background when you collide with something and show the particles. If the particles get a bit lost in the background, you could consider have a black outline around them.


I always thought it was an American thing, or possibly a generational thing (or a mixture of both).

I think I see what you’re getting at.
To make it look like the ‘bird’ is exploding in-place rather than cutting to a different screen?

Would you expect the ‘pipes’ (the rectangles) to stay in place too, or would those vanishing not be too jarring?

Exactly. That’s a better explanation than mine!

I guess they should stay as well … although potentially keep moving to give the effect of inertia on the exploding bird.

@bateske might be a good time to discuss When a game uses FX in their title.

Personally I think FX should only be used in the game title if a game makes use of the external flash memory (FX chip) AND doesn’t work on a regular Arduboy. Otherwise users of original/classic Arduboys might think the game doesn’t work on their Arduboys.
Games that make optional use of the FX (think FX detection or extra levels of features) but otherwise work normally with limited features is still an Arduboy Game but with FX enhancements. in short

  • an Arduboy game runs on any Arduboy and may use the FX chip for extra features
  • an Arduboy FX game does not run on a original/classic Arduboy it depends on the FX chip.

I don’t know really. I just added them in so the words sounded less cringy. I feel like they dampen the “Wow, fantastic job! You’re soooo good!” to a “Wow, good job.”

There were 2 reasons why I made everything disappear:

  1. So it’s easier to see the particles
  2. To give that Metroid effect where the whole world fades

But I see your point. Maybe I’ll leave in the pipes though, but give them physics :wink:

My bad. The FX was meant for the particles, but it was probably going to use the flash memory eventually. I’ll change the name for V1.1 :+1:

I actually got the impression that the ‘bro’ at the end made it sound slightly sarcastic rather than understated for whatever reason.

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Yeah, it kind of has that effect. But it’s better than it being overly excited and joyful.

Do you like the circular particles more? I think they look pretty good but the squares match the aesthetic of the pipes and buildings.





  • Circular
  • Square

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In my opinion, I find the squares particles rather eye catching compared to the circle ones. I also think it would make more sense for a sphere exploding into smaller chunks would break apart into something more so resembling a cube than a smaller sphere. Unrelated to the poll, but I also like how everything goes to black when you collide with the rectangles/pipes. It makes your failure feel all the more dramatic (as if the sphere’s perception of everything around it is disappearing before its life force finally vanishes), especially when paired with the particle effects.

Awesome job :+1:

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Thanks! :smiley:

Version 1.1 is now out but I probably won’t go any further with the updates since everything is all fine and dandy and works how it should.

That’s weird, looks like I used the wrong Sprites.h which means the title screen never changed. Fixing the code on GitHub and the emulator right now :+1: (let me know if you like the new screen :wink:)


I have added this to the cart:

Its with the other clones!


Particle effects for the win! Quite cool