Flappy Ball High Score

(Mitch) #1

High score


Flappy Ball
(Kevin) #2

How did you get that? Can anyone beat that score?

(Mitch) #3

Can’t stop me! Bling bling chingy :wink:


how can this be that you already have a gold arduboy ??? kickstarter says that they will be delivered in november 2015 …

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(Mitch) #5

(Kevin) #6

@dogfriend hey man @Restratify was with me goofing around in the office in china :smiley:

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(Kevin) #7

This thread was a nice find years later when I realize I invented the Nintendo Switch. If anyone wants to try and beat @Restratify high score, give the integrated Arduboy emulator a try:

Arcade_Flappy Ball_Flappy Ball.hex

(Pharap) #8

@Restratify, what actually is that “Arduboy 3” thing?

(I’m not expecting a reply because it’s been 3 years, but I’m hopeful.)

I really like the ‘collapsed by default’ feature.
Opt-in should be the mantra of the internet.

(Scott) #9

It would be nice if it could be collapsed again once opened, though. (Or if there’s already a way, other than refreshing the page, make it more obvious.)

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(Kevin) #10

Its a chinese android gaming tablet that I removed the logo with acetone and spray painted “Arduboy 3” on it.