Flappy Birdie - A Flappy Bird Clone [1.5 UPDATE]

I mean is there a reason you don’t want to make your game properly open source and allow people to make their own edits/derivatives?

Well, to be honest, I have no idea why… For some reason I want it to be that way… I really can’t tell you much :confused:

Open source is always better because people can code improvements into the game.
Guess I can still make my clone and make it open-source.

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Ok, fair enough, as long as you’re aware of the downsides of preventing modification and have accepted the issues that come with them.

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I’ve already started working on 2 other programs:
Paint and a Word Processor and those are going to be fully open-sourced.


If you’re planning to do a word processor, you might want to look into gap buffers and ropes, generally they’re pretty uncommon data structures but they’re often used in word processors.

Am I reading this right … a Word Processor on an Arduboy?

Yes… Yes you are…
And it’s probably going to be the worst thing ever to type documents on xD

If you can pull off printing via usb a statue shall be erected in your honor. Songs of your tails will be sung around campfires by bards for decades.


Well, HercTNT…
There is one problem…
I don’t have a printer xD