Flappy Halloween - simple side scroller


An Arduboy game


Flappy Halloween is best categorized as a side-scrolling game. My 10yr old created the
concept, made the graphics and did the game play testing.


  • A - start the game
  • Up / Down - control your bat


  • Eat the bugs
  • Avoid the owl


  1. Download Zip or Git Clone from: https://github.com/andrewlow/flappyhalloween
  2. Open flappyhalloween.ino with Arduino IDE
  3. Upload to your Arduboy

This is awesome! I love the concept of this game. I have an idea to do something involving honey bees, gets me inspired!

Nice work, I’ll share the video on twitter!

THIS is so cool a dad making a game together with his kid !!!


Thanks everyone for the kind words, and likes on the post. I even see that I was awarded a special Flappy Halloween badge!

I’ve mirrored the code onto codebender.cc https://codebender.cc/sketch:191568 so it should be even easier to try out.


Cool - Flappy Halloween made the kickstarter update https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/903888394/arduboy-card-sized-gaming/posts/1429747

One minor correction @bateske – it’s a father / daughter duo that built this game.


Oh my god I’m so sorry I can’t update the kickstarter update! I’m such a fool. That’s awesome! I’ll make a note of it in the next KS update :smile:

This game was published in the blog as well. Here is the link.


@bateske - no worries. I appreciate that you took the time to reply here.
@ekem - thanks for the call out on the blog.

The Game always crash my selfmade DEV-Board.
Maybe he work fine with the original Arduboy at later Time?

It runs fine on my self made system.

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I’ve enjoyed playing this game but as you get good at it, it can go on for a long time.

I’ve made changes that will increase the speed of the game based on your score and the number of owls that fly by.

I’ve submitted a pull request on GitHub with these changes. Until these changes are implemented (if accepted), my version can be found here on Github.

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I enjoyed your game! I’ve made a version of it for codebender found here (for now), and it will run on the Arduboy 1.0 without tinkering.

I did have to change one logic line that acted, maybe differently with the 1.0 API than it does on the devkit.

// eventually we want a set of random flights to pick from
owlY = (int)(sin((flightOffset*PI)/180)*HEIGHT);

This way it just selects a new level to run at, the original code seemed to have an issue where the sprite glitched in towards the bottoms of the screen in the same spot ever owl flight.

This is probably my favorite Arduboy game!

I would like to try and recreate it in Pico-8 (eventually), once I become more proficient in using it.

Great work!

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Thanks - it was built primarily as an example for others.

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