Flash cart(ridge)

@bateske is planning a Kickstarter late this year that includes pre modified Arduboys.

For people who do like tinkering with their Arduboy’s I still have a few backplates and flashcarts (parts or prebuild)

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what ever happened to the plans for the other arduboys

What other arduboys?

I remember there was discussion about like an Arduboy Zero or something a few years ago

Maybe you’re thinking of one of these?

As far as I’m aware, there was never an official plan to name anything ‘Arduboy Zero’.
There’s only ever been speculation and discussion.

There are plans to possibly create an “Arduboy FX”,
which is more or less a regular Arduboy with an added flash memory chip.

I was thinking to make arduboy into a arduino shield so you could use whatever dev kit you wanted, that’s still probably a good idea.

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That’s not necessarily easy. Even though the pin numbers will be the same for all shield compatible boards, some processors may not have the desired features available for those pins. For example no PWM or PWM mapped to an undesirable timer/counter.

Similar to why we changed some pin mappings between the Arduboy Dev-Kit and the production Arduboy, you want to carefully consider what pins you use for each function, based on the what can be done with those pins for a particular microprocessor.

However, I guess you could wire the shield with one type of board in mind but have each pin trace to the headers include a pair of holes with a thin trace between the holes. That way you could cut the thin connecting traces as necessary and reassign the pinout using jumper wires soldered in the holes. For experimentation, you could even solder header pins into the holes and use female “Dupont” jumpers to wire them.

i just wish I could store more games on the arduboy, there’s a load of games available but due to hardware limitations they don’t have a lot of substance. being able to hold multiple would be awesome

Hey does anyone know how to print the custom Flash cartridge PCB

It’s based on this:

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Hey, uh …
I think I am definitely late to this. But while I am drawing the PCB myself I found out a (potentially) crucial flaw:
The current flash cart(ridge) connector does not have a CS pin.
So what I did (on my instance) is to use the NC pin, and connect it to D2.

You know, RX and D2 are the same thing :wink:

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The formerly NC pin has been assigned to A5.

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RX is D0 and Tx is D1.
That is, depend on which board you are using as reference.

Initially I agreed upon the idea of a analog input pin, but I feel like a chip select for the breakout SPI is more important.

Any pin can be used as an SPI chip select including A5. The dedicated SPI SS pin is used by the Arduboy for the USB RXLED.

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Okay I now understand that with ‘D2’ you ment digital pin 2.

Note that digital pin 2 is connected to the same pin as SDA ( They are both connected to Port D Bit 1 )

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Sort of. There are multiple ways to call each one of them, depend on which one you are looking at (e.g. from the microcontroller’s pinout perspective or the Arduino’s pin function perspective).

Late reply, but I forgot to ask about the label size.
Hello again!