Flash cart(ridge)

(Kevin) #184

My personal feeling on this based on no scientific evidence at all is that the eeprom chip will run just fine at system voltage. This all reminds me of the discussion about not running the mcu at 16mhz because its slightly out of spec.

(Kim) #185

Hi i am a newbie here. I am stuck in burning the cathy3k bootloader to my homemade arduboy. Do i need another programmer like the USBasp to do that? I have the level shifter and the flash memory but it does not seem to work. Please help.


For me, I do use USBasp to program the Cathy 3k to my homemade Arduboy. Not sure if you are using the original Arduboy or a homemade one. I have summarized how I setup the homemade package, the cathy3K and the serial flash for my homemade Arduboy in this video.


You can not upload the bootloader as a normal program. You need an ICSP programmer for that. An USBasp is a popular programmer but you can also use an Arduino UNO if you have one around.

(Kevin) #188

You can use any kind of Arduino as an ICSP, the pins are just different.