Flash cart(ridge)

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Thank you for your advise.

You can make it look more like a hat

If there is also a bump for screw holes on the top, unused clips can be fitted there.
However, it may be better to refresh the shape by making it a hat type.
I wonder if it is better or not there.

you could stick a little label on there.

That’s nice. I will try it in the next prototype.

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Thank you, @Keyboard_Camper, @Freezingsnail, @Mr.Blinky for your advice, suggestions and interesting discussions.
I also tried thinking about the slot shape like GameBoy.

Then, the shape becomes complicated, and it seems to be unable to make it easily.
In addition, slot of the game machine should be designed in consideration of its durability with regard to its insertion and removal, but for this replacement backplate it will be difficult.
If it is designed to be elaborate, the back plate may come off or crack while inserting / removing the cartridge.
It would be nice to have a simple design solution, but it’s quite easy


Maybe reverse the female port so it’s facing down instead of up? Using one of your thinner cases you could have the female port extend outside the case. That way the card wouldn’t stick out the top. Too bad there isn’t a way to get a hinged female port like a ram slot. If there was you could slide the card in and then click it down flush.


Ahhh! smart!

I had a play with male header at Arduboy and it seems to work perfectly with the current back plate design. The pins are not sticking out and there will be enough of the female header of the flash card sticking out for a case.

With a female header no pin protection ‘cap’ is needed anymore.

Just thinking, a case for flash cart could basically be a shrunken version of the backplate (shorter length) and use only two screws for assembly.

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Thanks for advice and suggestions.
I can not do much work on weekday,
I will try various things from the possibilities soon.

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Thank you for the photos and detailed explanation.
Anyway, I am trying it as well.
Certainly, it makes it more stable to insert and eject cartridges.

  • I also tried installing male pin header on the back plate.

    I think that it is better to make the cover for holding pin headers a little bigger than the current situation.
    But things in the picture may be too big.
    If it is made too large, it affects the installation location of the battery.
    I newly installed a small 500 mAh battery [602535; 25x35mm (t=6mm)].

  • And… female pin header on the cartridge.

    Smaller cartridges are still in prototype…
    If it is unnecessary for the cartridge to protrude upwards, I think it would be good to backpack it,
    It will require a shape that can be firmly attached to the Arduboy body.
    (Of course the backpack of this picture is just a part of trial and error. :sweat_smile: )


Same here.

I see and you’ve come further then I did (I didn’t get to solder it yet)

Yes Currently it wobbles a bit if not stuck down. It should be a bit longer to stabelize the male pin header. I think if it extends over the black plastic of the male header, it would be long enough.

It’s nice you’ve made a ‘U turn’ adapter connector to see how the cart looks the back. I don’t think it will be a stable construction.

I’ll see if I can do a little Eagle PCB to see how small it can be using still hand solderable SOP and SOIC packages for the chips.

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It would be wonderful if the PCB for the Flash cartridge was designed and produced :smiley:

As a lineup of cartridges, it is ideal to have the following items.
-A smart and thin FLASH cartridge on a special PCB
-Compact size or a little big DIY cartridge using a universal board
-(And it’s also a backpack type if it makes it possible with a good idea :roll_eyes: )

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I love this thread … its the most creative thing on the site at the moment. I would love to see this idea and the boot loader incorporated into a Arduboy V2.


I had quick go at Eagle and made this 0.475" * 1.2" PCB mockup.

Using flash chip in SOP8 package, Levelshifter in SOIC-14 package, voltage regulator in SOT23 package and caps in 0805 which can still be hand soldered.

For a cartridge system a new back needs to be designed. But when adding the flash just as built in storage. No design modifications to the case are required which makes it easier for @bateske to implement if he wants to.

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I like the idea of the headers being exposed - possibly for other things like @Keyboard_Camper’s accelerometer.

(Stephane C) #32

Yeah basically like an expansion port. :wink:

(Simon) #33

Like the Pokitto … or aren’t I allowed to say that here :smile:


Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally in for a sunken (Gameboy like) expansion slot :heart_eyes:

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This would be my preferred method this way we could have header (pinout) carts for expansion or accelerometer and other module cartridges.
For example we could have a DHT22 cart to work with @Vampirics golf companion. (I have a DHT22 here somewhere :wink:) or add another header to the carts to make them stackable.

No because A Not Arduboy already did it first and Arduino has had headers since before Steve hatched.

This reminds me of the NGPC carts it’s judt missing a notch between the pins


What about using some physical format that is off the shelf and cheap like a sd card slot or ds card form factor?


They’re too tiny. I was thinking lego bricks but they’re too bulky :stuck_out_tongue:

On my train ride home I got a new idea: instead of putting a case around the flash cart, make a ‘battery’ compartment with a ‘battery’ lid that can slide off the back plate. A flash cart (or expansion board) can be inserted and the lid can be put back. A bit like the original Atari Lynx had.

(Scott R) #38

Dude your stealing my thunder :joy:
That’s the kind of thing I meant when suggesting this.

It would also allow for larger or stackable ‘modules’ we could even just use stackable back plates.


Sorry I must have read your post when I was half sleeping :blush: and popped up during my ride Gameboy battery lid isn’t slide on though.


Aftermarket Gameboy advance replacement cart shells and slots are fairly ubiquitous and offer plenty of room. I also think the lego brick idea would be awesome (maybe not the exact dimensions but something similar looking).