Flashcart upload and play problem

I have tried the badapple-frames.bin and still nothing happens. Can you send me the link for thedoors-frames.bin so I can try that one. Is the Winbond chip that I mentioned compatable?

You should still see a (partial) animation if you flashed the bad apple animation

Did you use the -d option with the flashwriter? If you didn’t the animation will be written at the beginning of flash (page 0) instead of at the end and you won’t see it.

The W25Q128JV should be no problem as someone else I know uses that version successfully. The versions I use are W25Q128FV but are functionally the same

If nothing gets written to the flash chip I wonder if the chip is write protected otherwise it must be an hardware issue. Can you make a detailed picture of the flashcarts component side?


am struggling with the syntax for the -d option. Please can you give a detailed explanation.

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Would using the incorrect bootloader OLD vs NEW wiring cause this problem maybe?

If that was the case the JEDEC ID and status register couldn’t be read successfully ( I had a nice facepalm moment a while ago finding that out :blush: )

@Pwilson what is the LDO part number (I can’t find a reference for CM8B) ?

  • Download latest version of the flash-writer.py script
  • Connect Arduboy to USB and make sure it is turned on)
  • Press Winkey + R to open run dialog
  • type cmd and press enter or click ok to open black command prompt window
  • drag and drop the flashwriter.py file to command prompt
  • click at the command prompt to get focus on the window
  • press spacebar, type -d and press spacebar once more so there’s a space before and after the -d option
  • drag and drop the badapple-frames.bin or thedoor-frames.bin to command prompt
  • click on command promt to get focus back and press enter to start the upload
  • RGB LED should flash alternately red and then off. When upload is completed it will be green for a moment and the sketch/program that was loaded before will start again.
  • when the -d option was entered correctly the flash-writer tells you about adding a cartInit() function or some #defines to youer setup code. You can ignore all that as it has been done already in the example sketch.
  • try viewing the animation again

I noticed in your earlier screenshot that you’re using an older version of the flash-writer script. Please download the latest version as the -d option was just added last weekend.

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Please watch the video.https://www.dropbox.com/s/0yq626osuwrduk4/20190417_071513_594589221415647.mp4?dl=0
LDO supplied by RS Components - part no 7386562


Hello, @Pwilson .
I assembled one flashcart with WINBOND-25Q128JVSQ as you did.
And it is working properly.

What @Mr.Blinky points out already, I am also worried.
It is about the LDO marked “CM8B” in your flashcart photo.
It is MCP1700, but it seems to be the specification of Vout = 1.8v.
“CSxx” is Vout = 3.3v and “CMxx” is Vout = 1.8v.
The mark is described on page-16 of the specification sheet.


Thank you for pointing this out. I have some MCP1700T-3302E/TT on order. Hopefully this will solve my problem.


Thank you Mr Blinky for the updated version. It looks as if all is good. Will let you know of the outcome once I have replaced the LDO.


Thank you for joining in @n602. The problem is indeed the LDO. The 1.8V is too low. There are flash chips that do work on 1.8V but the W25Q128xx is 3V rated. Aparently the main logic seems to work at 1.8V however the internal high voltage generator is not able to create a high enough programming voltage.


I have replaced the LDO and everything is working great. Thanks to Mr.Blinky and n602 Nao for the great support.