Flashing A Game Onto A Micro-based Clone

so today my arduino micro arrived and i wanted to try flashing a game on it. but the problem is, the arduboy game loader wont detect the arduino. Am i required to first flash a special bootloader or something? why isn’t it detected? oh and the arduino works fine since i was capable of flashing code to it and controlling my mouse

When you’re using windows, go to dfevice manager and check if you have a USB device with question mark. If so try this:

  • select the USB device and right click
  • click update driver software
  • click browse my computer for driver software
  • click browse button and browse to your Arduno folder. When you’ve used the installer:
    Windows 32-bit : C:\program Files\Arduino\Drivers
    Windows 64-bit : C:\program Files x86\Arduino\Drivers
  • make sure there’s a checkmark at include subfolder and click next

You should see Arduino Micro or Arduino Micro bootloader in device manager.

Also make sure you select the proper COM port from the Tools menu. When there are multiple COM ports to choose from select the one with the highest number.

The driver was installed automatically and it reported being an Arduino Micro (like it should). Also the arduino ide can flash code to it and that works perfectly. But im having issues with the Arduboy Game Loader program. using the Arduboy game loader i have an issue of it freezing constantly and then it responds for like 5~10 seconds before freezing again. I suspect it is trying to access all the com ports, but one is just not accepting the connection and the application is waiting until a time-out occurs

Nevermind, i got it to work by first flashing an Arduboy sketch using the Arduino IDE. After that the Arduboy Game Loader detected it :slight_smile:

Edit: And it stopped working again :confused: btw all the LEDs are off except the LED at the bottom that indicates power

Does it work if you toggle the reset pin?

I hear the disconnect usb sound of windows and shortly after that i hear the connect usb sound. Also the TX and RX light briefly turn on.

(Also, no buttons and displays are connected right now. But i don’t think that will interfere with the issue i am facing)

I’m not sure which Arduboy loader you’re using. But it may be that the loader doesn’t reconize the USB VID and PID of your micro. When you’ve uploaded a sketch using the IDE which board did you select?

I’ve selected the arduino micro board.
Im not sure if this will help, but the arduino IDE reports that the VID is 2341 and the PID is 8037. And SN says null :thinking:

I am using the Arduino IDE version 1.8.1 and the Arduboy Game Loader created by Crait

Edit: The Game Loader created by Team-ARG also doesn’t detect the arduino as an Arduboy

That VID PID pair is valid. I think the uploaders don’t support the micro and micro bootloader VID PID.
You can try my python uploader script.

You need to install python 2.7 and PySerial and create a shortcut in send to folder for it. But then you can send .arduboy and .hex files from withing explorer by right clicking.

Thanks! i’ll use that in the meantime, i will try to come in contact with Crait to see if he is planning of supporting the Arduino Micro

Edit: I got a reply from Crait! you where right about it probably not supporting it, This is what he said:

Support could be added in the next update, but the way it works right now is by scanning for an Arduino Leonardo, which is what the Arduboy is based on. Not sure if the Arduino Micro uses different baud rate, etc, for transfering. I would need one to test things. I just have an Arduino Uno.

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