Floor Fall - A Tile-based Puzzle Game

Floor Fall


FloorFall.hex (30.0 KB)



My ‘entry’ into the ad hoc ‘Button Trail jam’.
(Though with only three entrants and no prizes, it’s not much of a jam.)

There’s only 11 levels at the moment because I didn’t have time to design anything complex. Progress isn’t tracked at all.

I’ve added a string system, so translations are a possibility, although at the moment there’s only two strings being used. (I’ll possibly add ‘success’ and ‘failure’ at some point if there’s any interest in doing translations.)

To be honest, I don’t know if I’m going to add to this at all.
I had more fun throwing together the code in the Flash folder than I did making the actual game.
(Which is actually a rewrite of some code I wrote years ago for a library I never released.)

There’s quite a lot of commentary so if nothing else hopefully it’ll be useful for learning purposes.

It only uses 38% of progmem, so there’s plenty of room left over.

I had to add the ‘Tile-based Puzzle Game’ subtitle because the forum decided that without it:

Title seems unclear, most of the words contain the same letters over and over?

This ‘feature’ looks a lot like a ‘bug’ to me…


I really like your “logo”. Or what that resembles it.
Maybe a hint on pressing A or B button? Timeout?

It’s quite a simple program. There’s nothing to be picked upon beside maybe a slightly more fancy level selection and level display (boarders with drawRect?)

I’m sure there will be more.

That’s kind of unfortunate.

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The jam is on!

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Thanks. It is indeed a simplified version of my logo.

Hrm, I could do I suppose.

I’ve just always presumed that people will naturally start pressing buttons after they realise that nothing is happening.

I have considered doing that, but I’m still undecided on precisely how to make it more interesting.

If I have the opportunity and can think of anything decent.

Otherwise, if anyone wants to contribute some level designs, I’m open to suggestions.

How do we know when it’s over?