Follow the development of Rick Ardurous

(Alban Nanty) #1

Hello all,

I’m the developer of Ardulem (the Lemming clone for Arduboy), and for my next game, I decided to stream the development from start to finish.

You can follow the stream here (when I’m online):

And if you want to watch the replay on demand, it’s here:

I don’t know how long it will take me, and I don’t plan to have a regular streaming planning, but you can watch the replay on my youtube channel if you missed some episodes.

Feel free to discuss this development in this topic.

(Simon) #2

I saw a bit of your first session - even saw ‘Hello World’ appear on the screen!

You should update this post with progress and timings.

(Alban Nanty) #3

I’m starting to stream now, if you want to join.

(Celine) #4

Can you post the timings a day or so in advance, then I can plan to watch your sessions :slight_smile:

(Nicole Birgel) #5

Yes, i also saw some parts of your stream, nice idea, won’t have the time to follow all of it though😢

(Pharap) #6

Is there no way to record the streams?

I watched a bit of the first stream but it was just discussing the graphics and planning at that point.

(Alban Nanty) #7


Yes, I plan to update this topic, to keep you informed about the progress. I will try also to post some schedule in advance, but I think it will be quite difficult for me to decide a schedule :slight_smile:

Also, yes the whole project will probably be very long, and I cannot guaranty to have interesting stuff every minutes… this is a streaming with all possible bugs, issues or blockers that may arise, but I will try my best to comment what I’m doing, and if you ask some question live in the chat (or make some suggestions), I would be happy to answer. This is why I’m doing a stream, and not recording a edited video series of tutorials.

(Alban Nanty) #8

I will start a new stream in a couple of minutes.

(Alban Nanty) #9


I will stream a new episode in a couple of minutes, after a pretty long pause.

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #10

Hello all,

It’s been a while I didn’t stream, but episode 5 is out: stream replay.

I’ve got a new 60fps webcam to film the Arduboy, so hopefully you may enjoy better the animations on screen.

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #11


The episode 6 is out: stream replay

This time we have a walking main character!

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #12


The episode 7 is out: stream replay

This time we are implementing animated spikes and shinning statuettes.

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #13


The episode 8 is out: stream replay

This time I completed the statue and the dynamite, and I started to create an array to deals with all the items.

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #14


The episode 9 is out: stream replay

In this episode we start to implement collision detection, and we implement a first version of death detection for the main character, when he touches spikes and the explosion of the dynamite.

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #15


The episode 10 is out: stream replay

In this episode I’ve implemented the pickup of the statuette, with a minimum of code change.

See you.

(Kea Oliver) #16

Just want to say that these look cool I just havent found the time to sit and watch them yet

(Alban Nanty) #17

Hi Kea_Oliver !

Thanks for this message. I hope you will find these video enjoyable. Since this is my first experience in streaming, I also learn how to stream and code and explain at the same time. :slight_smile:

I hope I’m improving, and I hope that the streams will become more and more enjoyable. I think in the last stream I speak much more than in the first one, so if you find the first episode a bit boring, you may skip some of them and give a second chance to a further episode.

My goal is to have a game with the same production value than my Ardulem game, but more than that, a total documentation of the whole process. And I hope that this could inspire people to try also to make a polished game, by showing them that it is not as complicated as it seems to be at first glance.


(Alban Nanty) #18


The episode 11 is out: stream replay

In this episode I’ve add the Bullet and Dynamite crate and implemented the inventory of the main character and the display of the HUD.

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #19


The episode 12 is out: stream replay

In this episode we start to implement the navigation of the main character, i.e. checking the wall collisions, and start to implement the jump.

See you.

(Alban Nanty) #20


The episode 13 is out: stream replay

In this episode I improved the jump and implemented the fall. I also implemented the drop of multiple dynamites.

See you.