Fonts other than 5x7

Does anyone have a Font file other than the standard 5x7 font?

Or alternatively, does anyone know the format of it?

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The built in font is actually 5x8. It’s called 5x7 because the extra bit is mostly used for lower case descenders. Each character is specified as 5 bytes forming a 5x8 bit matrix.

You can’t change the built in font. For custom fonts you have to create your own font tables and functions or use a separate library. If you do this, and don’t need the built in font, you can use the Arduboy2Base class instead of the Arduboy2 class to save the program memory used by it.

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I have taken the TinyFont and manipulated this class for my needs. I am just using the Arduboy2Base class as you suggested.

At first glance, it would seem relatively easy to change the ‘out of the box’ functionality within the Arduboy2 class to allow the user to change the font and the vertical / horizontal spacing. I am unsure of the font format - maybe this would be hard to change as there may be a dependency on the 8 bit height?


Thanks @Botisaurus for the inspiration with you code.