Footage from around the island I live

I compiled some footage of fall->winter 2018 from where I live… in my opinion it is quite relaxing to watch :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I discovered that is not legal to flight drones in the island, so there wont be more footage of these places :blush:

And spring here:

My idea was to record the exact coordinates all the time and then compose a smooth transition… but I will have to find another more legal place to do that…


Awesome place, footage and editing! :smiley:

That’s unfortunate.

Is it outright illegal or can you get a permit?

Stunning landscape and you get to enjoy the Aurora Borealis.

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Not sure, besides the act of getting a permit and researching already spoils the fun of the activity. Even getting an angry guy complaining spoiled one afternoon. What I learn is that airports do not have a circular area of no-fly-zone around the center, but a polygon around the perimeter.

I guess my camouflage didn’t work :clown_face:


“There’s nobody here but us drones.”

Most places where it is “illegal” just means you need to get a permit, and sometimes it’s not too difficult to get.

Also, I have a friend in Norway she says people that live that far north are strange because they don’t see the sun for most of the year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“I got an award for Norway. Where is the sense in that? None that I’ve been able to make out. I’ve been doing fjords all my life, for fleeting moment they become fashionable I get a major award.”

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But they get extra sun on the months without night :rofl: … Also I didn’t needed the sun last winter, it is overrated.


Who needs sun sea and palms when you can have beer, fjord’s and trolls.


Tromsø was on the BBC news today.

Microplastic in the sea?

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You got it in one.

I was moaning we had a bit of frost yesterday morning, that’s nothing to what you have.

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hahah, oh no.

But by the way, I moved here because I like the cold :smiley: and snow. Also, I do not need to move from my desk to get cold cola:


Just on the border of East London and we finally have a few cm of snow it’s a comfy -3°C and dropping I’m not cold anymore, I seem to really feel it from 2-10°C.
We are pathetic the country is on its knees and people have started panic buying :joy:.

Out of curiosity do you get many Sami hearding reindeer up that far north?
Cool you’re in Sami territory now you’re my go to guy for puuko’s and kuksas.

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Probably because most of the landlubbers have never left the island, let alone gone somewhere snowy.

In fairness though, the snow isn’t the real issue - it’s the bitter winds.

I have no idea about that :smiley:

Here is another piece of footage from another small town nearby… this time in winter (the real one… not the -3C one):


Reindeer or it didn’t happen.


My history here continues after a small Easter hiccup:

Some say it is a Norwegian baptism, I say: bring it on :joy:


So you have a drone. Sweet. DJI?
I literally made one myself.

It have T-motor+ESC(quite nice) with a DECENT chinese frame (although plastic, have hidden carbon fiber, but quite not efficient build). As of flight control, I am using CC3D (old and “awful”–my friend say, who was using 100$ a DJI module while mine cost…10$.
It flies decently, but no GPS (I ain’t those n00b that need GPS, after all.)
Flown it “manual” at least 3 hours. End up with no accident.

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Yes Mavic Pro. I also have a wizard x220s :smiley:

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