Footage from around the island I live


I consider that chassis as trash, since that weight some 200 grams, and the thing have to weight around 500g (exceeded the 250g limit of un-licensed drone flights in china)
I need to get new chassis. This chassis is 450, but I bet that the propeller can easily fit in a 330 chassis (smaller chassis, lighter, more electricity-efficient)
the thing is tough, though. Free fell 36 inch (onto grassland, due to noobs) twice. RAMed into a bush (after another noob friend at school didn’t know to pull back on Yaw, I cut throttle)
Yes, the landing gear is dead from all that (like you can rock it back and forth from ground level)
OOO, your FPV drone. looks nice. (I don’t like them because them too fast)

I wanted a good small frame with center of gravity below the propeller (at least, battery below things), while being able to contain the big propellers I have (at least these great 2122 motors). any chassis recommendation?

My friend have a monstrous(650mm chassis, collapseable) Tarrot Ironman with 4 motor capable of lifting NINE POUND (4 kilogram) each, the chassis weight 260 gram (carbon fiber!) and 10000mah(fake, real: 6500) battery weight…a kilo. That flies 20-30 min, but mine also fly 15-20 min.

But I am not into those camera drones–I don’t need it.
I just need something SLOW and stable(the CC3D is fine) enough I can fly indoor, but also enough to carry a GoPro hero for a fieldy day in case I decide to drive out my M41 HMC go on a outing trip.

(Simon) #22

Where I come from, a pound is 450g.


I thought a pound was twenty shillings??

(Simon) #24

A shilling is a bob, so twenty shillings is a crowd of people.

(Erwin) #25

Maybe he meant a gallon?

(Simon) #26

Like a 10-gallon hat?

(Scott R) #27


Z x Bob

(Pharap) #28

Strictly speaking it’s 453.59237g.

20 shillings is 10 lots of 2 bob,
so that’s actually 10 cases of people with the two bob bits.

(Simon) #29

Ah … its all so complex.

(Erwin) #30

More footage, now from the backyard :star_struck: last friday:

(Boti Kis) #31

I’m in iceland for the last couple of weeks -vacation stuff- and I also saw them first time with my own eyes. I was totally amazed and couldn’t find words for it. :heart:

(Erwin) #32

More from the island of the North:

Another piece of footage. Too bad that I dont have the artistic skills to fully use the footage that took me so long to capture. I will do a new attempt in the future when the snow is up our asses here.