For a school project

I am one of two kids in my class that are trying to program on the Arduboy. Are there good resources that we can use to to learn the program and how the bit maps work? Any and all help would be nice!

There sure is!

@crait has put together a great set of tutorials that can help you get started, here is a link:

There are many other helpful documents, take a look in the guides section

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Like Kevin said, above, I’ve posted some tutorials. Please let me know what cool stuff you make as you go! :slight_smile:

Crait, love your tutorials… thanks so much for doing all of those. I’m still having a difficult time wrapping my head around some of the concepts. What’s the best way to learn and retain all of this information? Any good study tips? Should I just keep rereading them and eventually trying to code them by memory?

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What are some of the concepts you feel you are struggling with?


ping to @khobo ! We would love to know how we can improve. Next year we are going to be pushing hard into education, so we wanna know how we can make Arduboy as easy to use for beginners as possible!