Forager - Game

The game is called “Forager”.
This is not really an entry to the Game Jame but since it was inspired by the topics and intended for the event, I thought it would be appropriate to post it on here.
This also happens to be my first game release:)

Github LInk - here

Here’s what it looks like!

What is it?
The game is heavily text-based. I have added a few visuals (spaceships, etc.) as well. The plot is that you have crashed on an unknown planet and you are trying to leave. There are a series of questions. After every two questions, you find a missing piece to your ship. If you answer incorrectly, you die and have to restart. If you answer all answers correctly, you fix your ship and liftoff!

The controls are very simple -

A - Start the game.
A/B - move from one page to the next.

When question is asked,
A - Yes
B - No

I stuck to the theme of “Star Plan” and “Education”(to an extent) because I intended on submitting Forager to the Game Jam but couldn’t complete it because I’ve been a little hard on time.
I hope you enjoy this game. It was definitely fun and educational to make! Let me know what you guys think!


I downloaded the files and loaded up arduino to uploaded it but it says “error compiling for arduboy”
im new to this but id love to try it out do you have a hex file or arduboy file i can upload it that way.

I love the idea of this because if you make long form text games people would like to take it on the road and play out different stories.

maybe in the long run if the code isnt so heavy you can add like 3 or 4 stories in one game and have a gui to select each one. would be amazing for a road trip to play.

wouldnt mind seeing some role playing stories like you’re a wreslting and deciding each move text based wins fights.

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Thanks for this. Will update and add the necessary things ASAP:)

It compiles fine.

Most likely you didn’t delete the -master part of the extracted file,
so the IDE asked you if you’d like to move the .ino into its own folder and you said ‘yes’, which would have moved the .ino but not the two .h files.

If the .h files aren’t the right directory, the compiler will complain that it couldn’t find them.

@drkrarduknight, one solution to this is to move all the files into a subfolder called Forager instead of having the code files in the root area.