FormulaPOD [0.1.0]

FormulaPOD (1).hex

Pod selection screen:

Right now you can only have one pod, and it’s not saved. Later, I plan on being able to save/load/buy/sell pods, and this screen is where you’ll do that. For now, press A to go to the next screen.


Shopping screen:

Press Left/Right to cycle options. Here you can buy upgrades for the currently selected pod by pressing Up or get some money back by selling parts and downgrading by pressing Down. In the < Race > option, press A to enter the next race.


Race screen:

The bar on top shows the amount of charge in your capacitors. Upgrading them increases the maximum charge. Upgrading your generator makes them fill faster. When there is enough charge, you can accelerate by pressing B or jump by pressing A.
I intend to add more actions (drop mines? Throw garbage at your opponents, like in the movie?) later on.
If you hit another pod, your shields will get damaged. Repair bots will gradually fix them, but if there’s too much damage you explode.
Races end after 5 laps or when only a single racer is left. The winner is the racer that traveled the longest distance. Races have either 1 or 2 opponents and they have different stats as you progress. More/harder opponents in a future update.


Download or Play online

I didn’t get to squeeze in all I wanted within the deadline, so expect a better-balanced game in a post-jam update.

Thanks to @Pharap for the FixedPoints lib, which this game uses with some modifications.


Known Issues

  • Game only has 7 races. Will make the amount indefinite.
  • Bug: used parts are being sold for a price higher than the purchase value.

This looks terribly dangerous. You must have Jedi reflexes if you race pods.
Beautiful, i love it!


It doesn’t have to do anything more than the preview… I could stare at that all day.


I find myself staring at it, too. It’s harder not to when watching it on hardware.
If anybody wants to try, here it is.

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Mesmerizing. May the force be with you.

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I may have come across an unanticipated problem: after adding controls (A=Boost hop, B=Breaks) and pretending to race the other pod… I actually find myself podsick. :nauseated_face:
Rather than reflexes, I think one actually needs a Jedi stomach to race a pod.


Wow … it looks fantastic.


Thanks, @filmote!
I wonder how much time I have left. I should start coding some gameplay by now, right? :laughing:


Yeah … don’t worry about the game, it looks great just being there. Anyhow, I tend not to encourage the competition!


DONE! Well, as done as it gets for now, anyway. :sleeping:

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Can you explain a little bit on how you did the graphics for this? I know how the grey works but as I looked through the code I didn’t see any clear files for bitmaps or any bitmaps or Sprite sheets besides the intro.

The only bitmaps are the title screen and the race background.
The pods are 3D. Pre-rendered sprites wouldn’t fit on the Arduboy.
Code for that (and a whole lot more, no time for refactoring!) is in points.hpp.


This is absolutely crazy. You have legit quaternion math in there. I can’t believe the performance. Amazing work man, as always!

But i don’t quite get the controls.


Thanks! I updated the first post with a better explanation, though the controls are a bit wonky because they are indicative of features that don’t exist yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad to see something else using FixedPoints.

Making matrices and quarternions more viable is one of the things that I was hoping FixedPoints would eventually lead to.
(And 3D rendering by extension.)

Just a small note:

If the embeded version of FixedPoints is identical to the original at some point in its history then technically the template specialisations are just extensions not modifications.

If there are changes then make sure the changes are documented (i.e. stick // Edited by FManga next to them), since Apache 2.0 requires changes to be documented.

Will do. IIRC, I removed one of the constructors, I didn’t want the default value to be zero when no arguments are given to the constructor.

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Slowly working on the postjam version. I managed to almost double the engine’s FPS, so now I can make the gameplay not terrible. The idea is to make this as close as possible to the original: Tournament mode, more opponents, shopping/maintance/junkyard, 3rd person camera, and best of all: no more hopping!

Preview here. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to take a decent screenshot/gif and it runs a lot better on hardware than in the emulator.


This imo ist absolutely insane. <3


I just updated the preview with a rough test of what the track could look like, with camera movement. Opponents and horizon don’t follow the track yet.
Any thoughts?


you’re a madman. Really impressive