Forum user nationality display

Having users from all over the world on this forum, I’m often wondering where particular users are located. Other forum/bulletin board systems often have a way for a user to set their location, if they choose to, and have it displayed somewhere.

I did some searching and one thing I found for Discourse was a plugin that displays a national flag beside the user name. This may be good thing to have here, if it’s something @bateske has the ability to add.

Users can choose the flag to display or to not have one. It looks like the plugin is still being maintained.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

I guess I’m a bit blind. There’s a Location field in a user’s profile that they can set. It will be included as part of the “card” that’s displayed if you click on a user’s icon.

However, a flag displayed in each post still may be nice to have.

I often try to work out where people are from - I would love to see a flag on the forum beside names.

I have somewhat mixed opinions.

I do sometimes like knowing where regular users are from because I like the fact that we do have lots of users from different countries.

But on the other hand, I also sometimes like knowing only the bare minimum about someone because there’s something quite enthralling about helping complete strangers.

The question of whether the flag should represent a person’s country of origin or the country in which they live throws a bit of a spanner in the works.

Ultimately while it’s academically interesting it’s probably more frivolous than useful.

Whenever a website lets me choose a location without restricting it in any way I always put something silly.
At present my Location field for the Arduboy forum is “Apocrypha”.

With this plugin, user’s have the ability to select “none” for their flag but I can see that a feature that gave viewers a “don’t show flags” setting would be good for your preference. I’ve submitted an issue to the GitHub repository requesting this.

That would be left up to each person to choose. Either way, it may prove useful, even if sometimes misleading.