FPS development FX

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Need to collect a few ideas what to do with all that space. Putting some of the content in external flash would free up some PROGMEM for some engine features.

  • move title screen to external flash would free progmem and allow for nicely and extensive title/game menu animations
  • story mode, I could put text for some story in external flash
  • level data: multiple levels of quite some size can be put to external flash
  • music and sound data can be on external flash
  • textures… need to check the performance impact
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How crazy would something like skyrim be for the wolfenstein engine?

Each level you could be one quest where you have to walk around and talk to different NPC to do things.
Each level would load a distinct tileset so each level would look different, and all of the NPC could have different script in each level.

(You probably can’t get too much variation with 1 bit, but I would imagine at least 4 distinct tilesets should be possible)

Battle could be spells, bow and arrow, and swords.

What would be really neat is the ability to then community source this with a toolset so others can design a level easily. Would be great to have like 20 levels each with story elements to them.

It would be really interesting to think about moving between the levels potentially as well. So that it isn’t just a linear progression through them. For example, you could have one level be inside of the castle, then another level could be the dungeon and a third level could be the courtyard, and you might be able to travel between them by doorways which give you loading screens.

To be honest, I don’t know how much this would conflict with the development from dark and under.

Maybe it should be in space. Or a western. Open Source Redemption.

I guess the primary difference between them will be real time versus menu based combat. Maybe this game shouldn’t focus so much on collecting items, armor and resources, that could be more for dark and under expansion.

These are just my suggestions and ideas. Feel free to ignore them. Except the one about the guns, I’d really rather it not have guns in it if it’s going to be a launch title.

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This reminds me on the Might and Magic Series!

Ok I will think about it. The teleporting between the levels is nice. I’ll keep that in mind. We can also think about a scene setup in the far future after nuclear fallout ;-). We can have just blunt weapons and maybe robots as enemies.

I think part of the reason D&U ended up being turn-based was space constraints and part of it was the difficulty of timing.
I don’t know if that would change now we have the space.

No Star Wars style blasters/laser rifles?

I’m just going to leave this here:

And also link to this:

And this:

If all else fails:

Violence is one thing, gun violence is another. It’s so nuts in the USA that it’s worth trying to do whatever I can about it, which in my case is asking developers to consider alternatives.

I mean if Dark and Under 2 goes 3d then well there you go :smiley:

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Got the first version running on the FX development kit with graphics coming from the external flash.
Yeahaaaa… :heart_eyes: I can hardly see any performance difference between the regular version and the FX version. Impressive, I did not expect that.

@Mr.Blinky/@bateske great job!

Anybody knows how I can embed a video here or do I need to upload it to youtube first?


You can upload videos here, it’s a little more polite to my hosting budget if you put it on youtube though :wink:

Don’t give me much credit @veritazz this is mostly @Mr.Blinky I am just a vessel.

All I did was hook up an oled to an arduino and put it on sale, everything else is on you folks :slight_smile:

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Ok here you go:

I do not have title screens and category screens and the like so I quickly used what was laying around. Just wanted to slab something together to get a feeling on the performance. I must say the performance is much better than expected.


I am in love with my new devkit. Endless possibilities… :heart_eyes: … yeah yeah…

I am tired. Need to get some sleep.:rofl:


I tried to reply in all caps but the forum wouldn’t let me:


**** DIES

p.s. that door is feeked up

EDIT: Dies again


Wow I’m amazed. The performance was my biggest fear. I’m so excited right now!

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Looks awesome! Well done! :+1:

@veritazz you know you do not need to store the hex an bin file on the cart to run it right?You can upload the bin file directly to flash using the flash writer tool with -d option and just upload your program directly from IDE or upload hex with any uploader?

And you know project ABE also can run hex files with datafiles now?

Yes I remember. Just tried your tools yesterday to give it a quick try. I will work in development mode the next time but for now I wanted to try the whole generation flow. BTW it works very nice. Had to mod the scripts a little bit to work on Linux but was quickly done. I might file you a cr on that.

The emulator I know but I really like to work on the hardware. That’s what I love. That is why I was waiting for the devkit. Now that I have it I cannot put it away…:heart_eyes:


Wait shutup some of those textures are themselves animated. Dies for a 3rd time.

Yes. There some cheap texture effects that can be applied. It’s calculated while waiting for the next bytes from flash. Now with plenty of flash even better animations would be possible. Need to sort some of the ideas and get some overview of the new possibilities.

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@veritazz have you seen this from @jhhoward

??? This was the first time I saw it it runs so smooth!!

If it can be combined with the nice sprites of something like this one:

Wow I am so excited.

Sooooo…still interested making a FPS game? :slight_smile: