FPS development FX

Wow I’m amazed. The performance was my biggest fear. I’m so excited right now!

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Looks awesome! Well done! :+1:

@veritazz you know you do not need to store the hex an bin file on the cart to run it right?You can upload the bin file directly to flash using the flash writer tool with -d option and just upload your program directly from IDE or upload hex with any uploader?

And you know project ABE also can run hex files with datafiles now?

Yes I remember. Just tried your tools yesterday to give it a quick try. I will work in development mode the next time but for now I wanted to try the whole generation flow. BTW it works very nice. Had to mod the scripts a little bit to work on Linux but was quickly done. I might file you a cr on that.

The emulator I know but I really like to work on the hardware. That’s what I love. That is why I was waiting for the devkit. Now that I have it I cannot put it away…:heart_eyes:


Wait shutup some of those textures are themselves animated. Dies for a 3rd time.

Yes. There some cheap texture effects that can be applied. It’s calculated while waiting for the next bytes from flash. Now with plenty of flash even better animations would be possible. Need to sort some of the ideas and get some overview of the new possibilities.

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@veritazz have you seen this from @jhhoward

??? This was the first time I saw it it runs so smooth!!

If it can be combined with the nice sprites of something like this one:

Wow I am so excited.

Sooooo…still interested making a FPS game? :slight_smile:


Also if can be something other than guns that would be rad :slight_smile:

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Yes I have see this. It is very impressive and the code is very well done. I like the particle system and the nice rendering of the textures.

Yeah the sprites of this are amazing, that’s true. Sadly for some reason they have stopped development.

Actually my code looks a bit different. At the beginning it was more like a tech demo for me as I ever wanted to do something like this since I was a kid. But then I thought I could make a game out of it and did some calculations and assumptions about the CPU consumption and the like. So I tried to layout the engine so it will be capable to provide some gameplay features and this time I also I wanted to add sounds and music.
I am not a professional and it is kind of a fun project for me. I am working on it at the train heading to work and back. This is why it also takes so long :rofl:… I use this project to relax from my professional work.

Me too. As of now I invested quite some time to optimize for the size to fit into the Arduboy and still having some nice game experience but now with the huge flash space I can remove most of them, actually freeing some CPU as well. That gives new headroom for the many things that I have in mind.

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Yes of course. See, I used your graphics in my current code. As you expected there is some aliasing due to the rendering algorithm. I have not invested much time in it to improve. That’s on the list!
Now that I have a devkit I am reworking my scripts and code to work with this. One good thing is that basically the number of textures and sprites is not limited anymore. Also the level design is now more easy as I do not optimize for size anymore. Also the number of levels is not limited anymore, I think we can store as much as we want now. Also transition screens between the levels and so on… oh man.

I think soon it will be good to develop some plot and style for the game so I can think of what is still missing in the engine. If you have some ideas that would be great. Originally I thought to make some postapocalyptic FPS. So you are crawling a vault with different levels… that’s it for the story from my side :crazy_face:. I am not sticking to this, basically I am ok with everything as long it stays a FPS.

Till now I was more into the engine and not on the story and content. So let’s brainstorm if you like.

The only limit we have is to avoid guns as @bateske mentioned. I am personally OK with that restriction.

@bateske maybe you can give some advise what type of weapon/violence you think is ok and what not.

Just make the game look awesome and have a heck of a lot of levels and different kinds of items and bad guys. I gotta say it again I’m a big fan of how the camera tilts when turning. I feel like it gives the system a LOT more realism and believably. ALSO I don’t really think I know of an FPS camera that behaves quite that way so it would make it feel different to others. Just a really strong suggestion. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As far as the weapons go, really I would like to see anything other than a gun.

Guns are out of control in my country, and I hate it but the only thing I can do about it is promote games that do not feature them.

Bows and arrows, magic spells, melee combat would all be good examples. I’ve mentioned hexen a few times, I guess that is probably what I’m thinking. If you really want to make it have a trigger then try your best to make it look like a blaster as opposed to any kind of realistic gun.

For reference:

EDIT: Also I realized that since you can’t really aim so well with the Arduboy setup anyways, doing spell casting kind of makes more sense as you can be more “fuzzy” with whether something hits or not to deliver more direct feedback, convincing gameplay. Basically if something is in front of you then you can just count it as getting hit.

I think a game that focuses more on puzzle solving in a zelda type sense where you are gathering keys or items that unlock new areas could be most fun in this application. You’ve got a lot of ability now with textures to hopefully create semi distinct areas so players can navigate around.

EDIT AGAIN: Don’t forget this exists, if you need inspiration:


I think it must also have to do with the vector drawing that it gets all the lines so sharp. I dunno. It will be good no matter what and people will love it.

I think either hands casting magic spells like in Skyrim:

Or a magic staff firing bolts of magic like in Heretic.

I was also going to mention hexen ad you not done so already.
Though the first video I found of it was quite violent (punching monsters with spiky guantlets and the monsters bleed).

I agree with and very much appreciate that.

Here we don’t really have a gun problem because they’re very hard to get hold of,
but we do have a very big knife problem, especially in London.

@bateske > What about crossbows?

@veritazz > Post apocalyptic could be fun, something fallout style… Also an opportunity to have outside levels with some burnt trees, etc…
maybe some materials to collect and light crafting elements could also add an interesting game loop? (like, you could craft arrows for the crossbow, etc…not minecraft crafting, but more like fallout crafting)

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Sure crossbows are fine. Just no guns with bullets. I mean, we can probably all agree here the problem is not actually the guns, but let’s not promote or glorify their use.

Lol somehow I forgot about skyrim :joy:

I’d suggest keeping crafting to a minimum, focus more on collecting items to solve puzzles. Maybe you could collect 3 items to join into one? Or maybe collect enough of one kind of resource then you have enough to make a key.

Is there any dialog in this game?

Not yet but I always had in mind of adding kind of terminals that the player can approach for some story telling.

Yes, that’s really what I meant by “crafting”: with the size of the screen, and the controls, it’s really difficult to pull a true, satisfying “FPS” experience - aiming precisely is somewhat moot, it’s one of the thing I realized when I worked on the last FPS… So we’ll most likely need additional game loops to keep the player engaged - the game should be more about exploring and interacting, collecting stuff, upgrading gear, etc - with some light shooting, of course! I’m not meaning to get rid of it (hence the crossbow) but trying to be realistic with gameplay expectations.

I would hope so :slight_smile: I have a nice collection of WW1 and WW2 handguns that I really enjoy shooting, and I love going to the range for target practice. But my guns are locked, with ammo stored in a different safe, and I’m not a “gun nut” that want to “carry” everywhere (but I’m also French, so well… :)). In the same vein, I also have a large collection of antique European swords and I never wished to carry them with me while running errands…
I’m not going to insist on guns for this game, because I have no issues with trying to do something different that fits the vision you have for launch products, but just for the record, I don’t believe video games have much responsibility for the mass-murdering rampage in the US, nor do I think movies are at fault either. If they did, we’d have a much bigger problem.

In my opinion, the real issue is the rampant “me first, screw the society, screw the others, don’t screw with my freedoms, I want to be able to rebel against the government” mentality that is very alive in the more rural parts of the US.
Anyway, I could dissert about that for hours, and that’s not the topic at hand :slight_smile:
Yep, No guns! You got it! :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is not the solution, but it is the only thing we have in our control unless we want to become senators.

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I agree. That is why I have triggers and moving walls. Basically I have also kind if windows but not tested it yet. Shooting walls (arrow :sweat_smile:) I also wanted to add.
Puzzles are also a nice idea. Need to think about it. Any more game loops/elements that would be useable?
Also I need to slab in music soon so progmem and CPU for this is reserved.

Yeah I was just wondering about music. The only one to ever do significant music in their games is @JO3RI with his atm tracker. And of course it’s a shame you can hardly hear it on the Arduboy anyways. But if there is a tool to create the music I can try writing some music maybe.