Free Arduboys for your Classroom!

Are you a teacher? Would you like a free set of Arduboys for your classroom?


Announcing free Arduboys for Schools!

This is a beta test of a larger program that will roll out on the main site, but I don’t want to wait to build a flashy webpage to start the discussion!

Arduboy has been used in many classrooms around the world, but it’s only been because individual teachers believed in the platform and many of them have build their own resources and invested their own time in producing the curriculum.

Help us build the Arduboy curriculum!

I am not a teacher and to be completely honest I was a pretty crummy student! This is a call to all teachers out there that can help provide input and help shape an official curriculum that fits perfectly in to a wide range of classrooms.

The community has already built 2 lessons over 16 parts, this is a great start written by @crait and @filmote:

These lessons can be used as a starting block for the official curriculum. I’m looking to edit and produce some myself but looking for other contributors.

If you can provide feedback on how these lessons could be adapted to something that looks like the other materials teachers are used to seeing, that is probably the most helpful thing at this time!

That is why I’m giving away Arduboys to classrooms as to help seed this development. I need feedback on what works, what doesn’t.

What skills can Arduboy teach my students?

Arduboy is a game development platform based on arduino. Students are able to learn a broad range of concepts from very basic to extremely advanced in multiple topics.

  • Coding in C++
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building
  • Project Management

Arduboy doesn’t only teach you to code, it teaches you life skills! Learning to create a game is more about critically thinking about problems that you’ve created for yourself. Setting a goal to achieve a result that you’ve set for yourself is a tremendously rewarding way to learn. Play is a natural way that all animals learn by creating an environment for them to try new things without being punished.

Creating a game with others also gives your students the opportunity to communicate complex ideas and problem solve in a group as well as introducing project management concepts as well!

Arduboy available for lectures!

As part of this campaign, I’m making myself available to travel to your school and help you run the entire class as well! I’m not sure how to coordinate this exactly yet, but I am committed to moving my body to where the learning is taking place!

How do I apply for Free Arduboys!?

The process for signing up for this program is started by using the contact form and let me know answers to the following questions:

  • What interests you most about running a class with the Arduboy?
  • What outcomes do you expect to get from the class?
  • Have you taught a programming class before?
  • Have you taught game development before?
  • In essay form, minimum 2 paragraphs, 200 words or more, How would you use Arduboy in your classroom?

That link again is here:

Do I qualify as a teacher?

This program is available to educators both in and outside of the public school system. Private schools are of course welcome. After school and advanced placement courses are welcome to apply. Universities, of course! Science museums or DIY hobbiest fairs? Sure! Makerspaces… maybe!

Basically, as long as there is a classroom or workshop type environment where one person is leading multiple people through a curriculum and the students are expecting to learn something as a result, then let me know!

Arduboy around the world!

This program is available to anyone in the world! Especially in areas that are developing or otherwise disadvantaged educationally! It might make the travel more difficult, but I would still love to come visit your classroom!

Ideally we need translations of the curriculum too, if you are able to help with that please contact me as well!

Thank you and give me your feedback!

Please comment below if you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to share about this campaign. I’m very excited to launch this new chapter of Arduboys future!


Thanks for giving back, I see this as a win-win situation where the Arduboy brand and ecosystem can get some fresh blood and advertising and students can learn the wonderful world of game design and programming! I just wish this were available when I was a TA for an undergrad microprocessor course lol.

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Very good campaign. I am kinda curious to see how it goes. This is like sphero vs anki strategy, where the later went bankrupt because (mostly) they did not care about education.

I ordered toys from both of them and I love them… I like when they keep the consumer market plus the education instead of going full one or another (like for example the HP Prime wireless modules… where you cannot get them if you are not a school).

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Excellent initiative! Congratulations.

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Very excited about this opportunity! Launching a program to teach students with the Arduboy has been a goal of mine for a couple of years now. Looking forward to finally realizing this dream. :star_struck:

Congrats on making HAD, and the glowing praise from the writer.


Wow just so everyone knows I’m trying to get caught up to these application emails!

It’s taking a long time to respond to everyone and keep track of everything! Hope to get caught up by the end of this week hopefully sooner.

I’m going through and creating a list of everyone that has applied and trying to fill in details about each classroom. Once I have a mostly complete list I’ll begin selecting classrooms. I’m breaking the priority / order according to how well developed I think the course material should be based on your specific classroom.

  • Pilot - You’re already teaching with Arduino, already familiar with game development and Arduboy. You’ve been wanting to, or already have taught this exact class by yourself.
  • 2nd Pilot - You’re familiar with Arduino and game development but might be new to Arduboy. You would be comfortable teaching this class by yourself.
  • 1st Draft - You’re familiar with Arduino and already teach CS or other coding courses. You may not have taught a game development course specifically, but this is a bonus. You feel comfortable teaching this class by yourself.
  • 2nd Draft - You teach CS but you either haven’t worked with Arduino or lead a game development course. You’re exited about the program, feel ready to teach it but would benefit from having some help and guidance.
  • 1st Release - You’ve never taught coding or game development before. You are excited about the program, but don’t exactly know where to start. You’re ready to try it on your own, but would also be open to having some support.

I’m trying to fit everyone into this category and get an idea of how many units this program can allocate over what time.

Thanks again for all your emails, I’m trying to get to them all!

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I am actually thinking about the emulator by … I think it’s Felipe Manga.
The offline version really need some improvement, but if that’s made to be free (of which it already is) then maybe it can help push the hardware (because how it costs to manufacture a Arduboy versus virtually no cost to distribute digital software)

I mean, for now the emulator lives online. If it was possible to consolidate the code into like a html file, it will also work. There is no need in building a standalone executable I guess.

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I want to use the emulator more! I think that if we could get a visual drag and drop programming language like scratch to work with the emulator would be the best case for the platform overall.

Especially when you can select a sprite, drag and drop it into the application and just double click to edit it right there. Same with music and sound assets.

Include a library of free to use sprites and sounds.

And this can all be online, or downloaded.

I would love to have them live as mobile applications too.


I am so excited about this … Been away a while working Other projects but I now teach computing from reception class all the way through to 6 as of September . And so far I have only used my arduboy with the coding club kids .
I am happy to help in any way I can … And u can expect an email from me soon!!

Something like the microbit emulator would work well

I sent this along to the Computer Science faculty at my University. I heard they applied. Good luck to all!

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Thank you! I’m doing my best to get caught up on the emails. I’m about half way through by now!

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One of the reasons I’ve not been very active of late is I turned 40 quit my regular job and started working in a school. This is certainly something I would like to look into in the future.


Welcome back and congrats on your new job. The students will keep you young :wink:


Hello educators, teachers, students and friends of all shapes and sizes!

Just wanted to make a quick update that this program is off to a great start! Thanks to Hackaday covering the post I was flooded with dozens of responses and I finally had a chance to respond to nearly everyone… although more are coming in each day.

And please do, if you are seeing this for the first time please reach out using the contact form!

Actually, I’m now looking for PHD students in the education technology field! This Arduboy for education program could be a great opportunity for a dissertation. I would like to use more scientific methods to keep track of how effective it actually is as a teaching tool instead of relying on metrics that I’m making up on my own.

If you or anyone else are interested in making Arduboy a topic for an education paper then please let me know! I’m going to be proactively cold calling some of these PHD students from colleges around the world soon too!

As a status update, I’m trying to become more organized and looking at how I can schedule travel to visit as many of these schools that I can. I think what I want to do is revitalize the blog on the main site to be strictly status updates to this program and also when I visit or school or get feedback about the program I can write a post on the blog so people can stay updated in a more structured way than just my “stream of consciousness” type posts.

The very next step is building the section on the main page and then I will start engaging with pilot program educators to see what exactly course materials we want to use!


Just made the first post in the new education blog! Going to Roanoke, Va to teach a class with @darrell on Oct 15 and 16!


Finally was able to make the feedback post from the classroom!

Let me know if you are a teacher who is familiar with Arduino and has already taught programming courses in C++ and your classroom could be next!

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It’s still a work in progress (adding more lessons, edit the worksheets based on the pilot class experience, etc), but here is the GitHub repo for anyone to use:

Up next, in Spring 2020 we’ll be doing a “Teach the Teacher” session at the Roanoke South County Library to train others to offer the workshop at all of the Roanoke County branch libraries next year.

Also, a goal for 1st quarter 2020 is to develop the next lesson based on “Creating a Simple Side-Scroller Game” - inspired by material here on the Forum.

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