Front case availability for DevKit

Any news on when the front covers will be available to purchase for devkits bought from Tindie? I know it’s not a necessity but it would be nice!

Thanks in Advance,

Girlfriend of Arduboy fan :blush:

I want to design something that is like a soft silicone cell phone case that you can wrap around it.

I’m inspired by the case for the PO by teenagengineering:

I have not build the 3d model of the dev kit in cad yet so I have to do that first, then design the cover. Hopefully I can make a small batch of these when I’m back in China in a few weeks so. Stay tuned of course we will announce it on our site.

So still in the works! At the very least we will release the design files in a month or two of the dev kit so people will be able to do this themselves also.