FTA, A trade quest - Game Jam 3

A space trading game about managing resources

I wanted to add more modes but due to a certain error which seems to have fixed itself once i started ignoring it I dont have any idea how that works, honestly most of my time was eaten up.

Feedback appreciated as this is my first time using C in anything other than simple programs

A: Select
B: Go back
Up: Inventory
Left: Select one left
Right: Select one right
Down: Toggle between selling/buying items


The game itself

Link to game included with a zip, you might need certain libraries, mainly Arduboy2 to run

Some of the art


The name an homage to FTL, right? I’m looking forward to trying this out tomorrow. (Make sure to add a screen shot or two when you get a chance.)

I’ve just bricked two Arduboys in a row trying to upload this sketch.

Has anyone else had any problems uploading this sketch?

@Gball19 do you have a working version of this on your Arduboy? If yes, can you bring it to tonight’s class? I’m not going to try uploading to another Arduboy until I hear back from you or from others. Thanks

Actually, this was totally my fault. I had previously flashed a game to a DevKit, and then forgot to change “Board: Arduboy DevKit” back to “Board: Arduboy” when I started uploading your game.

That was a pretty quick way to take a down a couple of Arduboys. Any tips out there for this particular situation? @bateske

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What OS are you on? Does the Arduboy show up in the IDE when you plug it in and turn it on?

Good news! I did get them back. I’ll write out what the symptoms were below. (It would be nice to create universal flow chart for bringing Arduboys back up.)

  • Flashlight mode did not work.

  • When I plugged them into a power source the red charging light did come on.

  • When I turned on the units the screen went completely black and the LEDs on the left side of the screen did not turn on. However, turning on the units did cause the yellow/green LED above and to the left of the reset button to turn on for 1 second and then off again.

  • They were detected by the IDE and a port was assigned to them.

I eventually got them to come back by using the reset switch while the units were connected via USB. Sweet! Thank you!


I started one but got distracted and i’ll Be honest totally forgot about it until reading your post.


YES! Something like this should exist. Maybe it could be discussed in a separate post?

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