Future Arduboy


there’s currently 1.5K space in my optimized bootloader. I think it is possible to fit an SD loader with a custom file system in there.But I’m not sure about fat32 as I’ve not done enough research for that. SD will be relatively slow though as data is accessed in 512 byte blocks and requires some extra ram to manage the filesystem.

For this reason I’ve moved my interest to flash storage which can be accessed much faster at byte leve, requires much less code to implement and as a bonus a card reader isn’t required :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, how about splitting the difference with an ATmega1284P for $4.50 - 128K Flash & 16K RAM!

Plenty of work already done on Arduino support for the 1284:


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Once the Arduboy Zero is released, and the desired backwards-compatible Cortex M0+ based library established, any “I wish the Arduboy had a bigger / colour screen” threads will have a simple answer: just go buy a Pokitto / META and use a slightly modified version of the library…

(Scott) #24

The modifications might be a bit more that “slight”. I don’t know about the META but I think the Pokitto’s display would require translation for the commands and format that it uses. And, it appears that it’s quite slow, so fast paced games requiring a high refresh rate may not play properly.


I would like a BIGGER SCREEN (mainly I got used to the hige pixels on my ti-84 graphing calculator). Black and white was fine.
That makes things like the TinyFont more useful, as of now you can almost not see anything they were written in unless you are with really good eyesight, even more so when on a metro.
Pokitto was slow? One consequence of putting too manu fancy things up there–processor’s not up for the job.

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Lol this thread. I can tell everyone is excited for something new!

Happy to see what you want is coming down the line.

The screen will not get bigger, it can’t really. Then it wouldn’t fit.


In fact I think you can have it to be a 1.54 inch and the RGB LED to be squeezed to the rright of the power switch, and basically all the ICs responsible for charging to be moved to the bottom-left corner.
Maybe not.

The RGB LED seems to be not of a very good quality-the BLUE light was a bit too blue, so when in flashlight mode it casts a light-blue shade of light. (and the rumor sais those to be damaging to your EYES!)
I don’t know, but we may be able to sqeeze in a better RGB LED…

(Leo) #28

Really? That doesn’t happen to me.
When my arduboy is in flashlight mode, it shines brightly white.

(Pharap) #29

Some of the older units had the LED soldered on incorrectly.
I can’t remember the specifics, but that would probably explain the light going blue in ‘flashlight’ mode.


It would require the front plate to be redesigned (injection mold) which is the most expensive part to design/produce.

(Scott) #31

It’s probably because the LED dropping resistors weren’t matched to the differing characteristics (forward voltage, lumens vs. current) of each colour. All 3 resistors are the same value (220 ohm), which produces different apparent intensities when driven with the same output values.

Nope. With an incorrectly installed RGB LED, it doesn’t light at all in flashlight mode. Green has to be off for red and/or blue to light. (Plus, red and blue will be reversed and green can’t be lit at all.) Flashlight mode turns on green, so all LEDs remain off.


Hold the presses!

ATmega4809 for $1.34 - 48K Flash & 6K RAM! Basis for the upcoming Arduino Uno Wi-Fi Rev2:


(Stephane C) #33

Now that’s an interesting post ! :wink: Thanks!

(Simon) #34

Excuse my ignorance - could you make a new Arduboy based on the ATmega4809 that is ‘binary’ compatible with the current Arduboy?


But it has no USB :thinking:

(Felipe Manga) #36

According to this the address map and interrupt vectors are different compared to the 32u4, so it wouldn’t be binary compatible, even if the instruction sets were identical (I haven’t checked if they are). :frowning:


(Pharap) #38

To be honest, I don’t think ‘binary compatible’ is a big deal.

The devkit and the final Arduboy are/were incompatible,
so people already have to provide two binaries*,
a third isn’t a big deal, as long as they’re source compatible.

* That is, if you want @darrell to be able to play your game. :P
I do, so I always aim to provide a devkit binary.

(Felipe Manga) #39

If we’re going to have to recompile the games for them to work on the new platform, then might as well switch to ARM?

(Kevin) #40

Sam21D is like, pretty much gonna be it. It seems like everyone and their monkeys uncle is making upgraded versions now maybe it is nearly time.

Still trying to figure out exactly wtf to do about the audio output. Maybe I’ll just give this over to Seeed studio and let them design everything :smiley: