Future of Arduboy?

There’s a good chance there may be an existing thread discussing this, but I have yet to locate it. Apologies in advance if there is.

What are the future plans for Arduboy? Is there a version 2 in the works and if so what features will be added? Will there be a color screen, wifi, extra buttons, etc?

There sort of is one, but it’s really old and kind of stale:

It’s been going for two years and it gets resurrected every few months.

Nothing set in stone or planned in particular.

Here’s a summary of what the typical favourite features are (in rough descending order of interest, based on my possibly biased perception/experience):

  • More memory (probably the easiest demand, but will probably mean a slightly different chipset)
  • 4-colour screen (most likely black, white and two shades of grey), the main issue with this is actually finding one that’s already being manufactured and is a suitable size.
  • Possibly a microSD slot if possible
  • Accelerometer/gyroscope for making games react to being shaken and moved.
  • IR communication or some kind of link cable.

Pretty much everything else has either only had intermittent interest or has had an outright “not happening” for reasons of practicality or being beyond scope (e.g. wifi).

Some more related links tackling individual/specific potential issues/advancements:

Ultimately I’m not sure how things currently stand.
I don’t think there are any significant plans to upgrade the hardware,
and almost certainly not until after Arduventure has been shipped.


Also this topic:

I’m closing this topic. I think the referred topics are sufficient.