FX image for alternate wiring

I wanted to share the FX image I built for anyone who has the same settings arduboy as me.
My homemade arduboy uses alternate wiring and ssd1306 display. Games are compiled using this settings.

Ekran Resmi 2023-04-17 00.44.39

I am sharing both bin file and folder containing hex files if anyone wants to change anything.

I had to draw some png files myself (The ones I couldn’t find) so if they look weird it is probably my lack of drawing skills.

For example TeamARG games category looks like this:

And this is the one I am most proud of:

I can update that files if someone send original png’s.

I found some issues on some games, I tried to recompile them but it didn’t change anything so I leave them as they are and put a little note on csv file. (some games don’t boot, some games looks buggy etc.)

These files has anything I could find. If I am publishing something that has copyright or other issues I can delete them from list.

ozanfx-image.bin (3.6 MB)

OzanFX Archive.zip (3.4 MB)

You can suggest games, I will try my best to add them all

Edit: I updated files with some new games and removed one non working game (Flappy Birdie)


Nice! It has a bunch of games :slightly_smiling_face: . Good job!

Might I suggest this game? :wink:

I have created a cart for these here.


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Of course, I will add this game in next update
Also it is good to know there is another flappy bird clone because one I used on my image doesn’t work properly on my arduboy

Edit: Added on updated version of files

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This looks quite nice, thanks for adding my image to cart builder

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