Fx not showing up on COM ports

Is there a way to force the FX into boot/upload/flashlight mode? Couldnt find an answer readily available anywhere and tried searching the forums using serveral phrases and came up with nothing, i remembered someone told me in a thread last week you could hold up and down for a few seconds but nothing is happening…

There are a couple games that the up and down button combo doesn’t work. I think it’s a couple of the press play on tape games and a few others. This was because the game already used the interrupt routine that the magic button press takes. @Mr.Blinky wrote a script to patch the hex files.

You can try it on other games to confirm. I think I have a list somewhere, when you compile the cart it spits it out to the console just need to highlight which ones don’t work. I think it’s less than a dozen.

And if you are writing your own game then the up and down will need to be added in.

Im just trying to use the arduboy IDE to upload a game from the main menu, should I be trying to upload while it has a game open? I havent even tried loading my own game on here at all yet, couldnt figure out how to add my own games to the list so havent done that yet either

From the main menu the com port should show up. Should still program just fine like that.

Troubleshooting process initiate:
Please don’t tell me you are on a mac.

Hmm, that’s what i thought, odd… i was able to upload a few games to my regular Arduboy fine just a few days ago, now neither seem like they want to work. And no mac, just windows… also tried restarting my computer to no avail

Is that right? I thought the up / down button was always available. Prior to FX, we often added a feature to hold the down button down for a few seconds from the menu to return to bootloader.

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The Arduboy FX always starts in bootloader mode (the loader menu) In case pressing UP+DOWN for 2 seconds doesn’t work turning power off and on again will enter bootloader mode.

For upgraded Arduboys with the mod chip where the game starts immediately, you can press and hold the DOWN button while switching power on to enter the bootloader.

Note that any Arduboy (on Windows) will have two different COM ports, one for bootloader mode and one for normal mode. When Arduboy FX is in bootloader mode, check that the correct COM port is selected as Arduino usually switches to the normal mode COM port (When the sketch has not removed the USB code)

You should see the COM port when you are plugged in and the bootloader is showing. Is there any chance you’ve swapped USB cables at some point to a power only one?

Trying to think of other things to try but with the new bootloader this is the first time I’ve seen anyone having any troubles.

If you can try a different USB cable or maybe another computer just to confirm otherwise maybe see about having you send it in so I can take a look at it.

Hmm… i tried both but still no luck.

Im using the cable that was supplied with the FX. Which worked with my regular arduboy last week, now neither are working.

open windows device manager (WinKey + X > device manager) and check out the ports section. if you press the little reset button do you see a new COM device pop up briefly? If not the USB cable is probable broken.

Try a different cable and / or check the cable with a different USB device with micro USB connector.

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Sounds like cable died. I hate to say it but while the USB cable included with the Arduboy is very cool it seems like it’s not the best quality. (I’m kind of stuck with it due to the packaging, if I ever redesigned it I would use a different cable) It’s really more intended for emergency use.

Grab another USB cable and see if that solves it, especially if it doesn’t work on your other Arduboy either.

If it is in fact the cable I can send you a replacement if you really need one, sorry about that.


Ahh yes, that fixed it, seems it was just a problem with the cable. No worries, im just glad it was something simple lol. Thanks!


Glad you got it figured out! Sorry for the trouble, I can send a free replacement cable if you want one even if you don’t just putting it out there!

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No worries, thank you!