FX: Pre-Mods to Factory Built

I did some inventory, counting, math and general businessing today, I’ve got good news and bad news!

The bad news is, there are more orders for pre-mod Arduboy FX than exist donor Arduboys. Also, it would take a very long time to convert all of them, and probably half wouldn’t make it before Christmas anyways.

The GOOD news is: You’ve all ordered enough Arduboy FX to make a factory production batch of brand new Arduboy FX complete with new packaging as well! So, it will be possible to automatically upgrade your pre-order to the new factory built units!

The other bad news is, this will take more time, probably a month or a bit more. There is a small chance to get them done before Christmas, but with shipping, probably not.

The remaining good news: If you would rather have something sooner, I can ship a normal Arduboy, a programmed mod chip and issue a partial refund. Or you can get a total refund if you need one, no harm no foul.

Additional good news: If you paid for the custom laser engraving, that will still happen with the serial number, but in addition to that there will be an EXTRA SPECIAL functional circuit board art piece that will be sent along with it.

I will be sending an email notification about this tomorrow, I just wanted to get some feedback on it first before I pull the trigger. This is very exciting news and this also opens up the opportunity to do a SPECIAL EDITION Arduboy FX later, if we have some really awesome games that come out supporting the flash chip!!!


These seem like good problems to have. I ordered both a unprogrammed mod chip and a laser-engraved FX, so I’ll probably ask to have the mod sent now and the FX sent later after the batch is made, as I really want to get my hands on the new hardware to start playing with it.

Good problems, but still problems and not everyone likes to hear stuff will take longer.

And yah, will be able to make some adjustments like that.

I’ve said this before but when making something you can chose 2 from quality, price and time. I’ll never sacrifice on quality, and price is something I can’t really move on since I’m small potatoes, so time is the only lever that I can pull to adjust the business.

I think most people who’ve been around these parts understand that it’s always been worth the wait, but also brought a lot of new customers in with the FX launch.

Hot damn I just bought an engraved fx and I’m super excited for this.

Typically I’m super impatient, but for arduboy I’m willing to wait…do your thing my dude!!

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I’m trying to keep updates flowing and publish as much of the process as I can so for those who are impatient are at least getting to follow along with the story and pictures as it goes.

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A factory built Arduboy FX sounds great to me.

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I don’t know if I should have received an email about this. Anyway, I’m working on my first game (using ProjectABE) and I want to continue to develop it in real hardware so I think I’ll go for a modded Arduboy ASAP. Instead of getting any kind of refund, I’d like to pay even more and also get that special Arduboy FX. I don’t know if this is an option.


Working on getting the email, ironing out the final details with the manufacturer to try to make sure everything is locked in and secure before I start pulling levers.

Your patience is greatly appreciated!

If you want to make any chances, including updates then you can either respond to your store emails or use arduboy.com/contact to let me know.