Galactea 1.0: A simple incremental game in the Space

Hello, sorry if my English is not the best, I am from Spain.
This is my first completed game for Arduboy, I have made it with a partner in a couple of weekends and we have decided to publish it because we like the result of our project.

galactea.ino.leonardo.hex (64.5 KB)

About the game
You are a little ship in the middle of the space and your objective is pass throught 3 levels full of enemys and beat a boss at the final of the level 3
When you kill enemys, they drop spacial money, and you can use that money to improve your ship in the shop.
You can upgrade your live, damage, fire rate and the number of bullets that you shoot.
The duration is approximately 30 minutes, and there is no way to save progress because is not a long game.

In Game and menu:

  • Arrow keys: Move the ship
  • A: Shot

In shop:

  • Up and down: Select the product
  • A: Buy (if you have the money)
  • B: Exit

In credits and victory screen:

  • A: Go to the next scene or Exit

Download link

If you play it please let me know your opinion :slight_smile:


It would be a good idea to add a licence file in your game repository, so people can know what they can do with your code.


Thank, i will take a look to that