Galactic Generator

I recently finished writing the galactic generator for a game that I am working on. I don’t really know what to do with it, as the game it’s for is still a long way off, so I figured I would post it here in the community!
This is a part of my first project for the Arduboy, and I am really enjoying it so far, so if you have any ideas or criticisms, please tell me so I can get better, I am struggling with the in-built emulator, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work ahahahahah!
You can use the D-Pad to move the cursor on screen (it flashes black and white so you should see it, it starts off in the top-left corner!), and the B button to ‘zoom’ into the galaxy or select star systems and planets, and the A button to return to the galactic map.

The .ino source code file can be downloaded from dropbox here


Galactic_Generator.ino.leonardo.hex (47.7 KB)


Are you sure you made this for Arduboy? A 400+kb hex file can’t really work on this :stuck_out_tongue:

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It has screenshots and the such in the .arduboy file, I am unsure of the proper formatting. Should the .arduboy just contain the hex file? It definitely does work on the Arduboy though, I’ve been testing it on mine throughout development, I am just now using the emulator. Thanks for checking out my post though!

Oh I didn’t realize you posted an .Arduboy file ( I never use that format) makes sense now. Mind posting a .hex without bootloader here instead?

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Of course! So do I just upload the hex file with no bootloader directly into the post? I will upload it now, thanks for the assistance! I am still very new to this

Yes you can post just the Hex here and people will be able to test in the emulator right here.

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It should be working now, please tell me what you think, I want to improve it as much as possible. Bear in mind that it is nowhere near a complete game at this point, it is simply a demonstration of the scale of the galaxy for an upcoming project

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It’s really cool for a first time on Arduboy. I am keen on seeing what you will do with it. A massive space exploration game would be neat, even more considering the limitations.

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I will try to upload quite regularly (every few weeks or so) whenever I have developed a new major part of the game. I have already got another small demo of an asteroids-style ship to fly around, but that is all so far. I need to figure out getting sounds working next, I was gonna use ArduboyTones library, this is something I plan to do pretty soon.

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ArduboyTones is quite easy to work with. If you need any help, just ask for help here, many will be glad to help you out.

I can already imagine how it could be. You could have space relics hidden all over the Galaxy at random and have the player explore the different systems in order to retrieve them. When selecting a system from the Galaxy map the player would then light speed to the location and be in a zoomed in screen where he could battle enemies and gather relics and or fuel or antimatter to be able to regain the carburant needed to warp to other systems.

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ahahahah I really like the idea of searching for ancient alien relics, I’ll definitely have to add that in! The current plan I have for it is mostly trading and combat based like Elite, but I have been trying to come up with some way to add some exploration aspects to the mix. My current plan was when a player is on a planet, they can use the ship’s scanner to try and lock down signal sources, which will be a small minigame. If they succeed, they ‘find’ whatever the signal was, but I will definitely have to change my current plans around relics, that sounds really rad!
Are you currently working on any projects for Arduboy, or any other projects in general?

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As I am part of Press Play on Tape and NeoRetro Games, I am pretty much always in projects. And not only for Arduboy. That being said if you need to talk about your game design, we can always talk, i tend to be everywhere lol


Yo that’s really rad, thanks. I might write up a design document and send it you if you’re interested, I’d love to hear what you think of it. Does the Arduboy community have a messaging system built in other than on community posts?

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You can send private messages.

Yo nice, I’ll send you a design doc when I’ve got one ready, if that’s alright with you and everything ahahah

Oddly enough I recently got back into playing Elite Dangerous after a long break.

If the source code were available I might be able to suggest some improvements.

At the moment my only complaint is that I find the flashing cursor hard to look at,
I’d suggest either slowing it down or using a non-flashing circle.

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Ive changed the cursor to a non-flashing one instead, thanks for the suggestion! Ive been trying to get back into elite for about a year or so now, last time i came on was when the krait II was released, right after Id reset my profile :frowning:
Ill try and post the .ino file as well, my code isnt the best, hopefully you will come up with some ways to improve!

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You can download the .ino from this link:

I’ll put the link up in the main post as well!

The link is 404-ing.

Do you have a GitHub account to host your code on?

If not, and you don’t have the time and/or want to make an account,
you could either embed your code in a code block within the comment,
or you could use something like Private Bin:
(Intended to be a better version of pastebin.)

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Ill check out embedding code into the post, thanks for the help! Im not at my pc until next monday, so ill get that sorted next week

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