Game consoles that respect your freedom

Going from memory, they were an independent developer. A bunch of ex-capcom employees who’d worked on Megaman. A small, experienced team that already had a huge following, the perfect way to raise 4 million dollars on Kickstarter.
As far as I know, games haven’t been getting anywhere near as much ever since, but I admit I haven’t been paying much attention anymore.

It was a joint effort between two companies, Comcept and Inti Creates. Comcept did the design and story and Inti Creates did the development. Comcept was small (currently only 15 employees, presumably less back then) but Inti Creates is quite big (80 employees now, presumably only slightly less back then).
(According to Wikipedia at least.)

And there are two publishers listed, which further suggests it wasn’t entirely independant.

There’s two reasons I say kickstarters are more suited to independants than established companies. One because it involves a level of transparency companies aren’t used to, and two because there’s an obligation to deliver - you can’t just cut your losses and call it a failed project like companies are sometimes able to (partly because they have other games on the go).

I think sometimes there’s a temptation for companies to treat kickstarter as a replacement for their usual funding sources without realising the extra rules and expectations involved.
That’s not to say it’s impossible for a company to successfully use kickstarter to fund a game, just that it involves changing their attitudes and processes in order to do so successfully.

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Good job but you missed the Gamebuino Classic, the Gamebuino Meta, the Pokitto and the Kitco.


Thanks! At a glance, the Gamebuino is the same as the Arduboy in this respect; it requires no proprietary software or firmware to use. It seems less convenient to discover and flash libre games to it. However, the Gamebuino even has schematics available so it might have some advantages over the Arduboy in terms of freedom to observe and modify the device.

I haven’t looked at the others yet.

EDIT: I can’t find the Kitco. Do you have a link?

The Pokitto looks similar to the others.

Try this: