Game Development tutorial videos?

Hello! I’ve recently ordered an 8bitcade XL in the hopes of learning to solder and code.

After a bit of reading and looking around the kickstarter I realized that most if not all of the advertised 200+ games came from here and that there was a sizable community for these games and their development.

So, I want to learn to code my own game but, am more of a visual learner. I was wondering if there were any tutorials on YouTube or something to aid in the game development process.

Thanks for all your help
(Sorry for all the background story)

Someone was streaming videos of a game they were making … I didn’t watch any of them though but I suspect they were showing what he was doing rather than him instructing others on how to do it.

I know you said you were a visual learner but the lessons @crait put together are easy to read and digest and will get you started > Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 1 - Setting Up Your Computer - #3 by PhoenixDowner

IMO they cover the essentials better than any video might do.

Good luck and shout out with questions - many people on this site will assist if they see you are trying!


I suspect you mean @lswbanban’s videos.

Likewise I haven’t watched them so I can’t vouch for what they’re like.

Very much this. The best resource this site has to offer is its excellent userbase.

I didn’t streamed since quite a long time, since I’m quite busy these days. However, I guess the game is, I would say around 80% complete, so I guess, you may see a pretty much good overview of how I made this game, if you watch those replay.