Hi Guys!
This is only a idea about a new Game.
Feel free to build it!

The Name of the Game are “MATH COPTER”

It´s a little, but fine Programm to lern math in the way of game.

At the beginning of the game, the helicopter from the right side of the screen is flying into the air. At his runners he wears a number. On the floor you can see 3 computational tasks. With the left and right keys to control the helicopter. If one is on the right task you throw with A the number off and looks “right” or something like that. It could be with 4 tasks make in order to have various difficulties. Or mixed with all 4 basic arithmetic or single one.

This screen make it maybe clear.

Another example

Start Game (maybe with Start-screen and press A to start)
We see short a black screen
choose Typ (Addition, Subtraktion, Multiplikation, Division, Mixed)
choose Difficult (1-5 maybe)
We see all numbers on the floor
The copter come in the screen from the right side. (with Number on it)
Scroll copter left/right over the numbers, press A to let fall down the number.
The Number fall on the floor-numbers and next screen are.
“Right!” or “No - try again!”


This is a great idea for a tutorial game. It has math logic and you draw a bitmap. +:100:

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I can´t wait to play a Version of my Vision!