Game intro screens for flash memory card menu!

Phew that’s a mouthfull.

Thanks to Mr Blinky’s superb work on the flash card for arduboy, we now can acces multiple great games in one little excellent device.

Only one thing i’ve noticed, that nice little game screens to fill the menu are not always easy to find!
Some game developers have screenshots included in the Github repo, but not all.

So i thought it would be a good idea to create a thread were fellow ardu members could post their (128x64) menu screen creations.
Or maybe it will gently trigger the game creators to include them in their repo’s :wink:

And for games that do not have a splash/intro screen, let your own creativity flow!

Here is what i collected (sometimes with little editing/creating myself) so far:
Arduventure Ardynia BlobAttack CastleBoy CircuitDude EscaperDroid Kong MicroCity Mysticballoon Pacman Picovaders Pipes Pong Rooftop Sirene SpaceCab Squario StarHonor SunFire VirusLQP


So be free to post/add your collection.

And if be any chance a thread for this already exists my deepest and sincere apologies…:blush:


Watched the Arduboy mini game live stream, and heard @bateske 's comment on the inverted Circuitdude image…

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Midnight Wild:


Squario edited:


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Why not use this one that isn’t cut off at the bottom?


Also, here is the updated Circuit Dude one!




That’s the way to do it :+1:

Please note: no intention to ruin/criticize your fruits of labour :wink: just trying to fill a small void.

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the eyebrows are a spoiler in that one, I vote for the old one :sweat_smile:

Hahaha. It’s a look of determination!!! :shushing_face:

It is actually based off of the pic I used for the Switch announcement. :wink:

I like it, glad you got a place to present it :wink:

ArduBuggy Back%20to%20the%20Jungle Bomberman the_title ChickenX screenshot00 Crate%20Confusion Dancerow Fanboat Fatsche galaxion invaders joustish JunoFirst V100 lunarlander Millipe night-raid Nineteen44 pactastic paqman TINYBERT TinyShips


arduturf BorisGoesSkiing Deep%20Dish%20Nine Flappy_Bird glove Helii hollow JelliBoi Karateka lasers pocket_fighter Pyoro Quadrastic RAYNE_THE_ROGUE RAYNE_THE_ROGUE2 reverse-mermaid-hockey Sansan Shadow%20Runner TechnoMonkeyTitle Trolly%20Fish b6ff119f842ce2111badaa037635cc87b7bc04f9 unicorn_dash WHG ZooEscape


APara Ardu-Whack manhold vermuino


Hey, great job with the screens. But before you continue adding them in posts, I am thinking… maybe you could add those in an organized way to with a special name in each correspondent folder, like flash.png and then mod @filmote flash creator to use the repo as the source?

I mean, it that way it would be easy to create flash disks with all the games, screens etc. Maybe apply some filters over the json, like only use “Arcade” etc

PS: This is just trying to prevent future manual work using your screens


Did you modify any of these or are these all the actual title screens?

Millipe actualy has an updated title screen



Some of them are modified most are just title screens. I used project Abe Windows snipping tool and paint to get most of them. I have a bunch more I haven’t posted. Just thought I’d share in case they help anyone out :slight_smile: .

I could put all the screens I have in different folders then put it all in a zip folder of you like.

You do know project Abe can take screenshots right? I think it’s by pressing P and then click on the PNG button to save the shot.

That’s maybe the reason some of the screen you have are looking distorted a little.


I didnt know that. That would have made things simpler. I just tried it out on the standalone version and it didnt work but on the online version it works.